13. January 2018 - 9:00
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RAPID UPPER BODY Calgary | Hotel Blackfoot | Saturday, 13. January 2018

Therapists! Is it time to boost your clinical practice? Are you looking for a new stand alone service to add to your business to increase your revenue?

Please join us in Calgary this January for the RAPID Adhesion Release Upper Body course! The basis of this course is to teach the practitioner hands on releases of the muscles, fascia, ligaments and nerves. Our goal for this course is to not only give you a successful method of releasing the tissue but also increase your palpation skills and give you some cookbook protocols for some of the most complex issues that clients often present with. RAPID will give you an amazing tool to help reduce your client’s pain and increase their mobility while increasing their trust and compliance for any other therapies you offer. We know your educational dollars are precious and promise a weekend chalked full of information and instantly applicable skills to add to your “tool box”.

Curious about just what you will learn at a RAPID Adhesion Course?

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to palpate and release fascial adhesions. Participants will also have a firm grasp of the neurological basis for fascial and muscular relaxation of the tissues and understand how to access the neurobiological system in which the fascial system communicates. Participants will also understand the role of injury in its relationship with; inflammation, tissue tightness, neuromuscular control and muscle imbalance in regard to the motor control center as well as how all of these can contribute to increased adhesion and pain. Participants will also gain an advanced understanding of the mechanoreceptors of the fascia, as well as a method of manipulation to affect the greatest changes in tissue tension, tightness and foremost pain.

Protocols covered for upper body will include:
-Migraines/ Headaches
-Frozen Shoudler
-Golfer's and Tennis Elbow
-Back Pain
-Vertigo and Tinnitis
-Arthritic Joints
-Carpal Tunnel
-Nerve Releases and Flossing
-Winged Scapula
-Bicep Tendon Repositioning
-Numbness and TIngling
and much more.
We hope you will join us!

Price $499.00 before January 5th, $599.00 after

Approved for:
15 primary credit MTAA
12 primary credits RTMA
10 primary credits NHPC
15 primary credits MMTA
15 primary credits MTAS
15 CE credits NCBTMB
7.5 CE units MTANS

Here is what other therapists have said after taking this course.

-I really enjoyed this course and learned a lot which I will include in my practice. I benefited a lot myself, symptom wise as I have chronic pain from a bad car accident a year and a half ago-I’m really excited to take your other courses.

-Very good! Manual is excellent-> lots of material covered. Great job!!

-Not only were Rob and Sherry so accommodating, they educated me and gave me a new approach to practice. The demonstrations were well done and the education was priceless. Thank you so much for broadening my education.

-This technique has renewed my passion to go to work every day. It is amazing to be able to give people back their life and mobility. ♥

-Honestly this is the best c.e. course I have taken in 7 years as far as being useful 100% in my practice. Thank you guys so much! See you for lower and core! I WILL use this!

-I enjoyed the course and liked the instructor’s chemistry together, very easy to talk to and felt like I had fun while learning! Thank you!

-Loved this course, I will recommend this course for sure. Can’t wait to practice my new skills and begin using this every day. Will do the lower body and core ASAP.

-Great course- can’t wait to learn the lower body. See you soon!

-Great course the instructors are very knowledgeable!! Thanks for putting up with us.

-Loved it!

-Very informative course!

-This course was awesome! I’m excited to go into work and test the technique out.

-Thank you for running this course. It was very beneficial. I am going to enjoy using these techniques on clients.

-This was WONDERFUL! I’m so excited to get going with this stuff and use it on my clients! Can’t wait for lower body and core.

Thanks guys! Love it!

-So great. For me this was perfect, helped “put it all together” and make many connections I hadn’t before. It will be very useful in my practice right away. It’s nice to work with pain and pressure instead of being afraid of it and trying to avoid it in treatment. This course was excellent. Thank you so much.

-This course was fantastic!! Sherry and Rob encourage thinking outside the box expanding our ideas for treating ailments others gave up on. Can’t wait to go to work tomorrow!! 

-Loved the course-will be taking the upper body when it’s available again. Learned a lot of great new techniques to add to my treatments. Thank you!!

-I found it challenging and very informative. The brief anatomy review was helpful and the pictures helped while performing techniques. I already have clients I plan to use the techniques on. I look forward to taking the upper body course.

-So great to have something brand new to add.. Loved the strong scientific association which correspond to techniques. Fantastic! Can’t wait for more courses from this duo.

-Great course, lots of interesting and effective treatment info. The instructors are fantastic and show everything very well.

-#1. The course manual-loved that I didn’t have to write additional information, so I could just listen and watch. I really feel like this will be a valuable technique that I WILL incorporate in to my practice. So awesome, you were right, I did love it!. A.R.

-Great course, more tools for my toolbox and ways in which to treat clients I have not been successful with. Sherry and Rob are very personable, knowledgeable, willing to help in anyway. Lovely individuals. -DM

-Enjoyable. Instructors were knowledgeable and personable. Would like to have taken both the lower and upper body together.- A
-Excellent value and information for the cost. Moved along timely with great small portions discussed and practiced. Thank you! –R R

-LOVE IT! So easy and practical once I got the technique down-can’t wait to apply it. Made a lot of sense. My favorite part is that it’s intuitive and as simple as following touch and feel. –CB

-It was great! Lots of good info! Thanks! C T

-Such an amazing course. Well worth every cent! Very informative and both Sherry and Rob know their stuff. Well done. Can’t wait to take more courses from them! –TL

-Excellent course! Very hands on right from the beginning and I learned a ton of new ways to treat conditions I see all the time! SW

-So amazing thank you so much!! I will use this every day in my practice. I would take another one in a heartbeat. -A. H

Definitely one of the best courses I’ve taken yet! Very informative and something I will use in my practice. Really looking forward to upper body course in September! Thank you so much.-MK

Great course! Looking forward to taking the other ones. Great add ons that easily incorporate into a regular massage treatment without changing a “massage” treatment. Thanks again for all the knowledgeable information. Cheers! –MV

Very much enjoyed the course. I will take the lower body and core as well. Fun people who really know their stuff. From the protocols performed, I have greatly improved physically. Thanks. –J. M.

Amazing. Awesome. I saw results in people in less than a day! I feel amazing and can’t wait to use these techniques. –S. G.

Had a great experience! Very professional and yet personal. Extremely knowledgeable and organized. Way to go! H.M.

I was very pleased with how this course went. I was interested in every part and there was no dull moment and I am excited to take the next course. Thanks for the experience. M.B.

Appreciated to learn a new technique which will compliment my practice. I will find it to definitely be of use and very beneficial to my client-base. -Y.B.

Great experience working on different people as always, loved that there was so much hands on! I will definitely be taking other courses offered with these techniques! -K.W.

Was an excellent experience and was really knowledgeable! I will be using this technique a lot in my practice. Sherry and Rob were wonderful and great and had an amazing knowledge base. –B.C.

Loved it!! Enjoyed this course very much. Instructors were both very knowledgeable and super helpful. Wish I could follow the instructors all day to keep learning!! Hehe Thank-you!!!! –A.T.

Best course I have ever taken! –J. M.

It was a great weekend, Rob and Sherry are awesome!!! 

Very happy with the material covered and the instructor’s demos were good. -L.R.