13. January 2018 - 9:00
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RAPID UPPER BODY Calgary | Hotel Blackfoot | Saturday, 13. January 2018

Therapists! Is it time to boost your clinical practice? Are you looking for a new stand alone service to add to your business to increase your revenue?

Please join us in Calgary this January for the RAPID Adhesion Release Upper Body course! The basis of this course is to teach the practitioner hands on releases of the muscles, fascia, ligaments and nerves. Our goal for this course is to not only give you a successful method of releasing the tissue but also increase your palpation skills and give you some cookbook protocols for some of the most complex issues that clients often present with. RAPID will give you an amazing tool to help reduce your client’s pain and increase their mobility while increasing their trust and compliance for any other therapies you offer. We know your educational dollars are precious and promise a weekend chalked full of information and instantly applicable skills to add to your “tool box”.

Curious about just what you will learn at a RAPID Adhesion Course?

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to palpate and release fascial adhesions. Participants will also have a firm grasp of the neurological basis for fascial and muscular relaxation of the tissues and understand how to access the neurobiological system in which the fascial system communicates. Participants will also understand the role of injury in its relationship with; inflammation, tissue tightness, neuromuscular control and muscle imbalance in regard to the motor control center as well as how all of these can contribute to increased adhesion and pain. Participants will also gain an advanced understanding of the mechanoreceptors of the fascia, as well as a method of manipulation to affect the greatest changes in tissue tension, tightness and foremost pain.

Protocols covered for upper body will include:
-Migraines/ Headaches
-Frozen Shoudler
-Golfer's and Tennis Elbow
-Back Pain
-Vertigo and Tinnitis
-Arthritic Joints
-Carpal Tunnel
-Nerve Releases and Flossing
-Winged Scapula
-Bicep Tendon Repositioning
-Numbness and TIngling
and much more.
We hope you will join us!

Price $499.00 before January 5th, $599.00 after

Approved for:
15 primary credit MTAA
12 primary credits RTMA
10 primary credits NHPC
15 primary credits MMTA
15 primary credits MTAS
15 CE credits NCBTMB
7.5 CE units MTANS

Here is what other therapists have said after taking this course.

-I really enjoyed this course and learned a lot which I will include in my practice. I benefited a lot myself, symptom wise as I have chronic pain from a bad car accident a year and a half ago-I’m really excited to take your other courses.

-Very good! Manual is excellent-> lots of material covered. Great job!!

-Not only were Rob and Sherry so accommodating, they educated me and gave me a new approach to practice. The demonstrations were well done and the education was priceless. Thank you so much for broadening my education.

-This technique has renewed my passion to go to work every day. It is amazing to be able to give people back their life and mobility. ♥

-Honestly this is the best c.e. course I have taken in 7 years as far as being useful 100% in my practice. Thank you guys so much! See you for lower and core! I WILL use this!

-I enjoyed the course and liked the instructor’s chemistry together, very easy to talk to and felt like I had fun while learning! Thank you!

-Loved this course, I will recommend this course for sure. Can’t wait to practice my new skills and begin using this every day. Will do the lower body and core ASAP.

-Great course- can’t wait to learn the lower body. See you soon!

-Great course the instructors are very knowledgeable!! Thanks for putting up with us.

-Loved it!

-Very informative course!

-This course was awesome! I’m excited to go into work and test the technique out.

-Thank you for running this course. It was very beneficial. I am going to enjoy using these techniques on clients.

-This was WONDERFUL! I’m so excited to get going with this stuff and use it on my clients! Can’t wait for lower body and core.

Thanks guys! Love it!

-So great. For me this was perfect, helped “put it all together” and make many connections I hadn’t before. It will be very useful in my practice right away. It’s nice to work with pain and pressure instead of being afraid of it and trying to avoid it in treatment. This course was excellent. Thank you so much.

-This course was fantastic!! Sherry and Rob encourage thinking outside the box expanding our ideas for treating ailments others gave up on. Can’t wait to go to work tomorrow!! 

-Loved the course-will be taking the upper body when it’s available again. Learned a lot of great new techniques to add to my treatments. Thank you!!

-I found it challenging and very informative. The brief anatomy review was helpful and the pictures helped while performing techniques. I already have clients I plan to use the techniques on. I look forward to taking the upper body course.

-So great to have something brand new to add.. Loved the strong scientific association which correspond to techniques. Fantastic! Can’t wait for more courses from this duo.

-Great course, lots of interesting and effective treatment info. The instructors are fantastic and show everything very well.

-#1. The course manual-loved that I didn’t have to write additional information, so I could just listen and watch. I really feel like this will be a valuable technique that I WILL incorporate in to my practice. So awesome, you were right, I did love it!. A.R.

-Great course, more tools for my toolbox and ways in which to treat clients I have not been successful with. Sherry and Rob are very personable, knowledgeable, willing to help in anyway. Lovely individuals. -DM

-Enjoyable. Instructors were knowledgeable and personable. Would like to have taken both the lower and upper body together.- A
-Excellent value and information for the cost. Moved along timely with great small portions discussed and practiced. Thank you! –R R

-LOVE IT! So easy and practical once I got the technique down-can’t wait to apply it. Made a lot of sense. My favorite part is that it’s intuitive and as simple as following touch and feel. –CB

-It was great! Lots of good info! Thanks! C T

-Such an amazing course. Well worth every cent! Very informative and both Sherry and Rob know their stuff. Well done. Can’t wait to take more courses from them! –TL

-Excellent course! Very hands on right from the beginning and I learned a ton of new ways to treat conditions I see all the time! SW

-So amazing thank you so much!! I will use this every day in my practice. I would take another one in a heartbeat. -A. H

Definitely one of the best courses I’ve taken yet! Very informative and something I will use in my practice. Really looking forward to upper body course in September! Thank you so much.-MK

Great course! Looking forward to taking the other ones. Great add ons that easily incorporate into a regular massage treatment without changing a “massage” treatment. Thanks again for all the knowledgeable information. Cheers! –MV

Very much enjoyed the course. I will take the lower body and core as well. Fun people who really know their stuff. From the protocols performed, I have greatly improved physically. Thanks. –J. M.

Amazing. Awesome. I saw results in people in less than a day! I feel amazing and can’t wait to use these techniques. –S. G.

Had a great experience! Very professional and yet personal. Extremely knowledgeable and organized. Way to go! H.M.

I was very pleased with how this course went. I was interested in every part and there was no dull moment and I am excited to take the next course. Thanks for the experience. M.B.

Appreciated to learn a new technique which will compliment my practice. I will find it to definitely be of use and very beneficial to my client-base. -Y.B.

Great experience working on different people as always, loved that there was so much hands on! I will definitely be taking other courses offered with these techniques! -K.W.

Was an excellent experience and was really knowledgeable! I will be using this technique a lot in my practice. Sherry and Rob were wonderful and great and had an amazing knowledge base. –B.C.

Loved it!! Enjoyed this course very much. Instructors were both very knowledgeable and super helpful. Wish I could follow the instructors all day to keep learning!! Hehe Thank-you!!!! –A.T.

Best course I have ever taken! –J. M.

It was a great weekend, Rob and Sherry are awesome!!! 

Very happy with the material covered and the instructor’s demos were good. -L.R.
  • Only 3 spaces remain for this class!!!
  • Imagine being able to give hope back to a hopeless Mom .... "Two years ago while working at a job that I loved, I acquired a severe repetitive strain injury that affected both of my wrists and forearms. Doctors ruled out carpel tunnel syndrome, but diagnosed me with tenosynovitis (tendonitis) and myofacial pain disorder. The chronic pain was so bad I had to resign my job, and I was unable to play the piano, type or perform any repetitive actions with my hands and arms including cutting food and driving long distances. I saw many professionals to help manage some of the pain such as physiotherapists and chiropractors but no one recommended massage because it was thought that it would exacerbate the inflammation and make things worse. Specialists turned me away even with family doctor referral because they could not offer any help. So I thought that was it; a 40 yr old mom of 3 with a disability in both arms. Unable to work, play sports with my boys or perform basic household duties without extreme pain to contend with, my method of coping was to take heavy pain meds and hit the bed until the inflammation settled down, sometimes lasting days. This past summer we moved to Three Hills (of all places) and I found the answer to my prayers. A good friend recommended trying Urban Renewal because she had experienced complete healing from a soft tissue injury in her hands. I was extremely reluctant and very skeptical that this could make any kind of difference; just another ‘alternative health professional’ to make empty predictions that their method will produce results. The first appointment was excruciating I will admit. Two years of protecting my muscles and using the wrist splints the Ortho specialist sold me, just caused my arm muscles to seize and become extremely weak. I thought for sure Rob (the RMT) threw me into a full-fledged episode of extreme inflammation, but the next morning I woke up and there was no muscle pain. Still fighting my skeptical self, I continued to go once a week and noticed a difference after each half-hour session. Rob taught me how to self-massage at the on-set of muscle tension or pain in my arms. I couldn’t believe that I was able to prevent inflammation using my own hands. Rob challenged me to start playing the piano for a short time a day and work up to playing for longer periods using self-massage to work out any forming tension. I thought he was crazy, but I tried anyway. After only 4 sessions of Adhesion Release, my pain was COMPLETELY gone. I woke up one morning in August and actually tried to find pain by digging my fingers into my forearm tendons. I could not find any tension build up or painful areas. It was like I experienced a miracle. My next appointment was pain-free and Rob didn’t need to continue seeing me as long I continued feeling fine.I am so grateful. It is so important that the medical community can offer R-ART as an viable option not just for pain management, but for soft tissue healing; to educate people who are suffering with chronic pain that there are more options that are proven to work. Cortisone shots, pain meds, and other band-aid forms of pain management do not heal soft tissue. From my own understanding of how it works, R-ART frees the muscles to heal themselves. I learned that there was no permanent damage and now I am using my arms normally. Since August I have referred several friends to make an appointment with Rob or Sherry. Yesterday I played the piano in church for the first time in 27 months, and this morning I woke up pain free. A very happy ending to a painful journey." -Shiloh Nott
  • Yet another happy and better RAPID client! "Just over two years ago I was having a lot of trouble with my left shoulder, arm, and hand. At first I thought the problem was in my wrist and thumb – they were constantly sore and it seemed like I was losing strength as I had a difficult time squeezing my stapler and things I was trying to pick up (like my wallet out of my purse) would literally fall out of my hand. It was too the point that I was wearing a brace to feel comfortable. As time went on I was really not seeing any improvement and I started to feel like I had a rock on my shoulder and a “buzzing” in my arm. If I could have drawn a line to show where the sensation was it would have gone down from my shoulder, around into my elbow and then back out across my forearm to my wrist. At this point I went to my family doctor and he prescribed a compound to rub on my shoulder that was both a muscle relaxer and a nerve relaxer. Things improved but it wasn’t enough………………..one of my girlfriends had told me about Rob and how he had worked on some of her issues. I asked her if she thought he could help………..she said absolutely so I booked my first Rapid ART appointment. That first appointment was torturous but I could tell Rob was “breaking” up the tension that had been in my arm and shoulder for soooo long. I went home feeling beat up BUT already knew things were working better than before I had gone in. Rob recommend a second appointment a week later and a third two weeks after that………..that was all it took, JUST THREE appointments and I was feeling normal again!!!! The next time I saw my family doctor I described to him what Rob had done and he agreed that he thought it was an excellent treatment path. Since then about every six to eight months I feel that tension starting to return and I go in for a “tune up”…………..that’s it that’s all Rapid ART WORKS!!!!!!" Lisa Berry
  • Only 5 spaces remain in this class!!!! So don't miss out!
  • A slide from our upper body course. Did you know that only 10% of dentists have additional training to treat the TMJ? Learn how to release adhesions in jaw, stimulate the autonomic nervous system to increase tissue viscosity and lower the tissue tone by stimulating the central nervous system with RAPID!
  • Do your clients suffer with Vertigo and Tinnitus? "Two days before I turned 40 I suffered my first vertigo attack. I went to my GP who had me to the exercise to shelve the particles in my ears. This helped a little, but every time there was a change in the atmospheric pressure I would suffer the effects of it all over again. About 10 years ago my vertigo went into remission, and for the last 8 years I have had Meniere's disease. I went to Sherry for 5 sessions in March 2016. She worked on my jaw and opening up the area around my vagus nerve. Six months later I have no Menier's symptoms. Worst part is I can no longer forecast the weather. I want to thank Sherry for her expertise in helping me so much." -Fay R.
  • At one of our last seminars one of our therapists presented with a "winged scapula". A few passes on the long thoracic nerve and the serratus anterior to release the adhesions in the tissue and surrounding areas and her scapula laid down flat. So often simply releasing nerve impingements is the key to making sweeping changes in the body.
  • I am in awe of how the right intention and a therapeutic hand can make so much difference for so many. **** was our biggest success story ever. She had a discectomy to alleviate the pain and numbness she felt down her right arm-it did nothing but give her more frustration, several doctors that told her there was nothing else they could do and a deepening depression. She left after her first treatment with me angry-I convinced her to allow me to work on her fascial adhesions rather than the massage to dull the pain that she wanted. She left tossing her money on the counter and walked out-4 hours later she called to re-book. It took 6 months, but we rid her of all her pain. With the physical the mental followed. She has now made it her mission to educate her doctors and specialists who wrote her off as a "severely depressed menopausal woman", who's pain was likely the by-product of the depression. "For 15 years I was out of work for debilitating pain down my right arm, I even had a disc replaced in my neck to try and alleviate the problem. My quality of life was very poor as I was unable to do anything I had previously enjoyed, I was severely depressed. My first appointment with Sherry was frustrating as she had hope for me after I had completely given up-I left angry vowing never to return. The next day I had to call and book as my pain had actually subsided. Fast forward 6 months and I was able to return to the workforce and sew- my passion that I thought was completely lost to me. If you are wanting results for a favorable outcome to unwanted pain that is preventing you from making the most of your life, Rob and Sherry can & will help you! I tried everything & everybody; no one was able to help me the way Sherry & Rob did :-), -M.H
  • My last client stated at her last appointment that she did not think that her first RAPID treatment did anything for her bilateral carpal tunnel. After working her over that day, I didn't see her for a month and thought she gave up. Today she came in for a maintenance follow up and was very pleased to tell me that she no longer needed her wrist braces that she wore faithfully for 6 years and that her fingers were no longer painfully numb. If you are not having success treating carpal tunnel please consider learning RAPID.
  • When is RAPID the right tool to use in your clinic? -When your client is in an acute state and they need pain relief now. -When you must immediately address the pain or you will lose the confidence of your client. -When your client comes in with an issue that responds well to adhesion release, such as plantar fasciitis, sciatica, shin splints, golfer's or tennis elbow, tendonitis, migraines, TMJ-D, knee pain etc. -When you are running out of options doing the other therapies you already do. -If you are stuck or stumped as to where to go next therapy wise, RAPID is a great simple tool to get your hands doing something that will get results. -If you want to get people better fast. Yes- we all have our tricks and modalities but some take longer than others to achieve results. Your client will gain massive confidence in your abilities if you get them out of pain fast. Not only is this good for business but it is good for compliance. Clients are far more willing to book additional sessions to figure out WHY they had the issue in the first place if you have already been successful in eradicating the issue they came in complaining about. You've had one great success- why not see how far you can go, versus you're slowly getting results but it is slow and they are still hurting and this is costing them a lot for only small victories.
  • A client comes in with pain, what do you do? The typical massage way- loosen then strip or TP the muscle in question. Now the RAPID way.... What if you added movement? What if you were able to apply your regular tension and have your client move their head to increase the stretch of the muscle further pulling the tissue apart releasing the adhesions in the fascia and activating the golgi tendon organs to reduce the muscle tone? Then what if you added the ability to access the neurobiological system by using a more specific tension that would engage the autonomic nervous system to increase the tissue viscosity and blood flow to the area and further pull apart the painful fascial adhesions? What if you also knew where to specifically put your tension to access the central nervous system to engage the brain- specifically the hypothalamus to further reduce tone? Consider on top of all this increased blood flow, adhesion and pain reduction as well as reduced tone, that you were also activating the motor control center of the brain to re-establish functional movement patterns. RAPID is NOT your typical massage treatment, it allows the therapist to work faster, smarter and get outstanding results. At each and every seminar our participants are amazed at how fast they are able to affect change in the tissue. Take RAPID-it is a game changer for pain!
  • The reviews are in for our latest class! RAPID will change the way you treat, give you unimaginable successes and improve your bottom line-we hope you will join us! -Rapid core was amazing. After using upper and lower body for a while with incredible results, I’m excited to add the core techniques for the tough to resolve issues. RAPID puts anatomy into real life situations and shows connections I would never have thought of. The nerve techniques were a huge eye opener. I can't say enough about this technique, I really love my work for the first time ever. Thank you! -So great to have a class under 10, lots of hands on time. Great to have some down time in course aka working your *** off for the first two and incorporating it all together for the 3rd. This tied everything together for me and I am very sad that is the end of the the rapid road for now but I have faith you will be back with lots of more bad *** stuff. I have taken so many classes in the last 5 years and never been satisfied. Now my cup and mind are full and ready for practice. -Amazing techniques, upbeat and intelligent instructors. Please continue learning and teaching your amazing info. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. -These RAPID courses are the most beneficial courses I have taken over the last 10 years and I love them. They have changed my career for the better as well as many clients. --Thank you so much for your time, energy, expertise and for sharing. -Great experience all 3 times! -For F$&K sakes... You guys rock. Love You. Thank you. -We have been so blessed on the east coast to have you both back again for Core. I can’t thank you enough again for the information you’ve given us with Upper, Lower and now Core. This course has tied up so many loose ends that school, and so many other courses I’ve taken in the past, simply have not been able to answer. You’re passion for Rapid is so infectious and I’m excited again to share even more successes with my clients. I don’t advertise my business, my clients do it for me, and since taking Rapid I’ve had a steady increase in my practice and I attribute it to my Rapid knowledge. Rapid Core is the missing link to help those difficult cases and I can’t wait to get started. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us, I would recommend these courses to any therapist 100%
  • Adhesions create a hardware issue in the body-much like a structural deformity. These hardware issues restrict range of motion, cause pain, and cause neuromuscular compensations. Reducing adhesion eliminates pain, increases mobility and allows the brain to sense safety and stability which in turn returns the body to optimal function. Don't work harder-pain is a request for change.
  • At RAPID we look at the body a little different....our empirical studies have led us to the following knowledge. -Mechanoreceptors of the body offer the easiest means to access the neurobiological system. -Accessing the neurobiological system namely the CNS and the ANS will alter (reduce tissue tone and increase viscosity) in the tissue faster than we can change it through any physical means. -The richest source of mechanoreceptors is in the tendons, ligaments, aponeurosis, nerve sheaths, joint capsules and most importantly the periosteum. -Certain mechanoreceptors become overly sensitive in the presence of chronic pain-resulting in stronger and more frequent firing. -Hypersensitive mechanoreceptors communicate pain information that is not commensurate with the stimulus. -Stimulation of certain nociceptors and/or mechanoreceptors stimulates the release of specific neuropeptides that help deactivate pain receptors which are instrumental in the maintenance of chronic pain. -The fascia enables proprioception-the sense of the relative position, interoception-the sense of the physiological condition of the body, as well as holds the greatest concentrations of pain receptors. -Accessing the sensory system is possible through certain mechanoreceptors- this is important because the brain places far greater importance on the sensory system than the motor system. -Fascia contains 1000% more sensory nerves than muscle tissue. -Accessing the sensory system is 3 times more effective than accessing the motor control system, -Adhesion of the fascia affects the ability of the motor control center to control movement. -Fascial adhesion can lead to muscle tightness, weakness, , fatigue, compensation, nerve entrapment, and most importantly pain. -Stretching increases tissue healing and adhesion reduction. -The fascial system is a complex network that is organized into "lines". Manipulation of the fascial tissues within these lines will offer us the best success. Best of all we know how to utilize this information to make the tissue change, reduce pain and increase range of motion.
  • Do you know how to differentiate between true carpal tunnel and pronator teres syndrome? Knowing this critical information will make your patients “carpal tunnel syndrome” and medial nerve issues far easier and quick to treat!
  • How is your success with frozen shoulder?
  • Pain-why therapists must know how to properly address it. 1. Pain is the #1 reason clients seek out massage therapy. 2. If you are unable to address it or simply ignore your client’s pain they will feel that you have not listened to them. 3. Pain affects the sensory system of the body and must be addressed before any strengthening, conditioning, or trying to figure out what caused it. 4. We know that properly addressing pain releases specific neuropeptides (the body’s own natural endorphin's) that help mitigate pain. 5. We know that exciting certain pain receptors actually lowers the sympathetic tone of the body. 6. These same pain receptors stimulate the hypothalamus to reduce tissue tone. 7. Some pain receptors become hypersensitive and must be desensitized. 8. Getting your client out of pain quickly increases client compliance for other modalities that you do. 9. Pain has little to do with tissue damage. Getting your client out of pain quickly will change their negative ideas that they are “broken”, and get them back to living. 10. Pain is taxing on the psyche, the emotions associated with pain can be as debilitating as the pain. Reducing the pain can quickly alter your client’s emotional state.
  • To be more effective and successful if we go after tissue that has more of a neurological connection, as in a higher concentration of mechanoreceptors we will affect more change in the body. We know that muscles contain some neurological tissue but the ratio is about 1-1000 compared to the structures below. Working on muscles alone will only yield only marginal results. If you really want to change the tissue and change it fast addressing the aponeurosis, nerve sheaths, retinaculums, joint capsules, ligaments, myotendinous junctions, tendons and particularly the periosteum of the bone will get your clients out of pain fast. Not only will there be a reduction of pain-your clients will move better, you will be a true therapy ninja and your business will GROW!
  • Nerve sheaths. At RAPID we pride ourselves for being different. No other course that we know of addresses the tissues of the fascial system the way we do. By utilizing our greatest asset- touch we stimulate the fascial tissues that have the greatest neurological connection. We don’t try to physically break down tissue-we simply stimulate the tissues that give us the best access to the central nervous system and autonomic nervous system and get those systems to do that work for us. One specific area that gives us the greatest access to these systems are the nerve sheaths. The RAPID method includes several protocols of specific nerve release-Including release of the sciatic nerve, pudendal, obturator, superior and inferior gluteal, sural, genitofemoral nerve, the common digital nerves, brachial plexus divided into the median, ulnar and radial nerves, the axillary nerve, the suprascapular nerve, the long thoracic nerve, musculocutaneous nerve, pectoral nerve, the pectoral nerves, the suboccipital nerve, greater, lesser and third occipital nerves, deep temporal, masseteric, mandibular, auriculotemporal, trigeminal and last but not least the vagus nerve. If your current therapies do not address the nerve sheaths of the body you are missing a great piece to the therapeutic puzzle. Properly addressing the nerve sheaths will make your treatments fast, effective most importantly have the best outcomes for your clients.
  • If you are trying to figure out everyone's issues then maybe you are working too hard. Do you not believe the body is meant to heal? And that healing should come with ease? RAPID is simple, easy and effective-why complicate the obvious?
  • MIGRAINES... A huge hit at our course is when we teach the release of the occipital nerves. Why? Because most therapists have never been taught to palpate or release them. Our therapists are always astonished to feel the tissue tightness and nerve disappear with proper release. So just why is this important? Proper release of these nerves is often the missing link to migraine resolution.
  • RMT and RAPID Therapist Mike Johnson tells of his experience after taking RAPID. WHAT HAS RAPID DONE FOR ME... When I took the lower body course this past winter I came home with a cautious optimism that this new treatment technique could really make a difference for my patients. In order to give RAPID an honest opportunity I told myself that I would treat every patient for 2 weeks and make a decision for myself if it was the real deal. Well...that first week I observed patients finding resolution of plantar fasciitis, headaches/migraines, old sports injuries...it was wild! Even old cowboys were telling me they felt more comfortable getting on their horses. Now...I'm not sure if you have ever had the privilege of working with these old boys, but anytime they let a compliment slip you take it, because it doesn't happen too often! Six weeks after taking the lower body course I headed to Winnipeg for the upper body. By the time I arrived at the course, I had not provided anything but RAPID treatments in the clinic with the exception of one patient - over 200 treatments in 6 weeks! The upper body course tied a bunch of loose ends together for me and propelled my ability as a therapist to a level I've never experienced before. At present time I have performed over 1000 RAPID treatments in my clinic, have had as many as 8 new patients in a week, and have increased monthly revenue by 25% - and that number is growing each month. Recently I shifted my schedule to accommodate a higher number of 30 minute appointments, as this is what most patients require (rather than the traditional hour). RAPID has completely changed my business and career. You see...my desire as a therapist has always been to help my patients resolve their pain. Prior to RAPID I was frustrated and losing steam because the effleurage, petrissage, stripping, cross fibering and trigger pointing way of doing things didn't get my patients the resolution that I have seen with RAPID. If you don't believe me, check out the posts I have made on this site with before/after pictures of some of our healthcare system's most difficult cases. You must understand, that as a massage therapist (in Saskatchewan anyways) we are not considered a part of the healthcare system. When a patient seeks out my treatment they do so on their own. They very often have been through the spectrum from specialists, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, surgeons...etc. So by the time they walk into my clinic, I literally am the last stop - after me who's left...the witch doctor??? WHAT HAS RAPID DONE FOR ME... I am able to offer my patients hope that things can get better. Patients per week is up from 25 to 40 per week. Decreased work week by 2 hours. Increased monthly revenue by over 25%. ----- RAPID has been the game changer I was looking for in my clinic. Thank you Rob and Sherry for your hard work, for your willingness to be our advocate in the **** of critics and for sharing your knowledge with the growing community of therapists who are learning the techniques. See you at the core class in ******!
  • To truly change the state of the tissue you need to have a few ingredients. 1. You need to stimulate the autonomic nervous system to increase the inter-cellular viscosity of the tissue. 2. You need to stimulate the central nervous system to reduce the tissue tone. 3. You need to apply the proper amount of pressure. 4. You need to put the tissues in the proper position for maximum stimulation of the interstitial mechanoreceptors. 5. You need to re-educate the motor control center by incorporating movement into your treatment. Better client outcomes come from better releases.
  • Frozen shoulder- get your clients out of pain fast! According to the Mayo Clinic- "Frozen shoulder typically develops slowly, and in three stages. Each stage can last a number of months." According to MNT- "The most pervasive sign or symptom of frozen shoulder is a persistently painful and stiff shoulder joint. Signs and symptoms of frozen shoulder develop gradually; usually in three stages in which signs and symptoms worsen gradually and resolve within a two - year period." I suffered for months and months with frozen shoulder pain so intense I was reduced to tears on an almost daily basis. Prescription pain killers, physiotherapy treatments and cortisone shots did provide some short temporary relief but they were only band-aids. It wasn’t until I started doing RAPID release sessions with Sherry that we actually got to the core of the problem. Sessions were painful but Sherry knew her work and my limits, and we made mobility progress on a weekly basis. Thanks to Adhesion Release Sherry gave me back my life within a few short weeks. I am a firm advocate of their RAPID release technique and know it can relieve needless pain people have been living with for years. Better to treat the problem than camouflage the symptoms. –Sandi Matus
  • A slide from our upper body course. Did you know that cadaver studies show that 80% of people have a dislocation of the long head bicep tendon? The ability to reposition the long head bicep tendon quickly and easily resolves most shoulder pain and weakness. THIS is a RAPID game changer!