20. December 2017 - 7:00 till 18:00
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Power of Success with Tony Robbins and Friends Calgary 2017 | Calgary Stampede | Wednesday, 20. December 2017

ONE DAY MEGA EVENT where you will get training on Sales & Marketing, Negotiating, Personal Development, Business, Money, Motivation, and so much more

Don’t miss this one-day blockbuster event with the World’s #1 Business Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Tony Robbins along with special guests

Learn proven strategies like: •

Business Skills, used by industry-leading experts

•Wealth Creation, from raising capital to funding your passions

• Motivation to conquer your fear, and overcome any obstacles

• How to achieve success in all areas of your life
  • Don't waste your money. It's mostly hype and manipulation. It keeps making TR millions, while suckers pave the way.
  • Hi!! I got my ticket like 2months ago.. I got confirmation etc... now I went back to see if I needed to print it or not...and it's NOWHERE in my email.. my phone was acting up recently, so I used my computer..but whatever happened - it's gone from my email. How do I find out if I'm on the list?? Can you please check my name etc.. or pm me so I can for figure this out before the event!!?? Please!! I paid to be there and I want to be there!!🙌🏻
  • Looking forward to this! I’ve been to his other event UPW and it was amazing 😊👌 great place to network as well. Where is everyone coming from???
  • Caroline Penrose - Ben and I just bought tickets to this. You should come!
  • Catherine Parnell-Proulx Doug Griffiths Chris Fields lets go. Its on my bucket list to attend one of his events :)
  • I just heard this feedback from someone: "FYI...went to a similar event in Portland. Just know that when it says "and friends" it means that you will probably sit through about 6-8 hours of sales presentations by partners of Tony Robbins. I sat through a real estate presentation, a market shares/trading presentation, an Author 101 presentation, and a few others before Tony came on. When he did, it was awesome...but the event was supposed to be from 8-5:00 and he came on at 4:00 and didn't get off the stage until almost 9:00. Almost all of my friends (and I) had to leave at 6:00 or 7:00 because we had families to take care of and it was such a bummer. Wish I had known how it all worked because I would have just showed up at around 2:00 and skipped all the early stuff. And when I talked about it to people who had already seen Tony Robbins before, they were like, "Oh, you didn't know it would be like that? He always comes on last and always stays on stage WAY later than what the ticket says..." Nope, I didn't know that before." Curious if any of you have been to one of his events before?
  • Sandra Hordos, Brandon Lammers?
  • Joelle Daklala :)
  • Jackie Hart we should do this!!!
  • Paul Freeman this is that event I was telling you about!
  • Peter Gamache
  • What comes included in each ticket? :)
  • Who are the other speakers and how long is Tony Robbins speaking for?? More details would be great! Thx!
  • Wish I could go !! .. too rich for me though, can't afford that 😥
  • Sanel Hadzisakovic
  • What do you get for the different priced tickets?
  • Sohrab Said !!
  • Ali Hassam this would be life changing for both of us
  • I cant believe someone like him is coming to a place like this.. holly ****
  • Jyoti Purba
  • Jamieson Byrt Gloria Biccum
  • Dolan Thomas Hanks
  • Its says the guest is Tony Robbins ... How long will he be speaking for? A couple hours or the whole day?
  • Sherry Cheyenne Marie maybe something to look at? I know Cheyenne and I had a great time seeing him in Vegas! Such an amazing speaker!!
  • Lacey Park