18. May 2018 - 10:00

Otafest 20th Anniversary | Calgary TELUS Convention Centre | Friday, 18. May 2018

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Come celebrate the 20th year of Otafest, May long weekend at the Telus Convention Centre! Guests of Honor include Leah Clark, Matt Mercer, Kim Chi, Capcom Live! and more!

Otafest is a 3-day Japanese Cultural and Animation Festival at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre.

Check out over 100 hours of programming facilitated by fans, members of our community, special guests, and staff, our huge Exhibitor Hall and Artist Alley for amazing art and merchandise, autograph signings, guest meet & greets, concerts, photo booth, video game tournaments, Pokemon league, Maid Cafe, and much more.

Tickets on sale at Otafest.com!
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  • Hi lovers!! Today's announcement: we're celebrating Utena's 20th anniversary at Otafest this year with Empty Movement! Check it out!! https://www.facebook.com/events/946387995516454/
  • is there any more guest announcements
  • Hi lovers! Are you flying in to Otafest? Save on Air Canada flights with our Otafest travel offer!
  • Hi lovers! Did you see? Our next Guest of Honor for Otafest 2018 is Canadian Cosplayer, Streamer and Twitch Partner Andy Rae Cosplay ! From Overwatch to Pokemon, Andy Rae's costumes & #cosplay tutorials are just stunning! Excited? Grab tickets now! xoxo Seph 💕 PS: We'll be announcing another guest with some exciting content next Tuesday!
  • Hi lovers!! Check out our super exciting musical guest for 2018 - Capcom Live!!
  • Hi lovers!! Don't forget that Early Bird pricing ends on New Years Eve! Pick up your tickets now! https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/otafest-2018-tickets-32629784564 xoxo Seph 💕
  • Hi lovers!! We only have a few weeks until Early Bird sales end, don't miss out! Need to buy a ticket for a friend, or maybe give Santa a hint? Download our easy gift-giving guide here! https://otafest.com/wp-content/uploads/give-the-gift-of-otafest-1.pdf xoxo Seph 💕 PS: Our next guest announcement will be in January, when I get to spill the beans about our super-exciting musical act!
  • Hi lovers! Don't forget early bird pricing ends at the end of this month! Maybe put Otafest tickets on your wishlist to Santa? ;) xoxo Seph 💕
  • Hi lovers!! Check out our guest announcement video here!! xoxo Seph 💕
  • Hi lovers!! We'll have a new guest announcement tomorrow at 5pm! Keep an eye on our facebook page for details or turn on notifications to find out right away when we post! 💕
  • Was ota arrora cancelled?????😱😭😰
  • Hi lovers!! A limited number of Angel Passes and Early Bird tickets are now available! https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/otafest-2018-tickets-32629784564?aff=presale xoxo Seph 💕
  • ..,Definitely going for 2018!! Why? MATT MERCER a.k.a LEON S. KENNEDY from Resident Evil 2, 4, 6!!!