07. January 2018 - 18:00 till 23:55

Oscill8 Presents: Moldover with Guests and Workshop | Broken City | Sunday, 07. January 2018

History notes only a handful of artists who successfully pushed the limits - both with their music and with the design of their musical instruments. What Bach was to the keyboard and Hendrix was to the guitar, Moldover is to the controller. Moldover fans eagerly welcome his expression virtuosity, improvisation, and emotional authenticity. Dig deeper into Moldover’s world and you’ll uncover a subversive cultural icon who is jolting new life into physical media with “Playable Packaging”, sparking beautiful collaborations with his custom “Jamboxes”, and drawing wave after wave of followers with an open-source approach to sharing his methods and madness.

Join Moldover for a workshop featuring his MC1 device, followed by a live performance with support from local electronic artists Selci, On Off On, Bread n Butta, and Lokey.