12. February 2018 - 18:30 till 20:30

Making Calgary a Social Enterprise City Event #1 | The Bridge Inc | Monday, 12. February 2018

Event 1 of a 3 part event on Making Calgary a Social Enterprise City on February 12 & 13, 2018

Mon Feb 12 6:30PM
*Creating our tomorrow - determining our future as Social Entrepreneurs*
[Free to register]

Social entrepreneurs: what's your biggest challenge?
• If you are, or have ever hoped to become, a social entrepreneur this is your time!
• Are you finding yourself in the pioneer gap - too big for seed funding, but too risky for traditional investment?
• Even established and solid social enterprise have their own challenges.

In a growing movement of social entrepreneurs, we couldn’t be prouder of all the exciting progress taking place... but we also know it isn’t easy.

This event provides entrepreneurs a forum to define how they classify themselves as social entrepreneurs, and to identify and discuss barriers preventing them from reaching their full potential e.g access to: financing networks, market information, business development services, and support infrastructure.

What’s out there? What’s missing? How do we fill gaps?

You decide!

Founder & CEO, Keith Ippel from Spring Activator, based in Vancouver, will empower an evening collaborative on the ups and downs of the social entrepreneurship journey.
“Hear” to help! Share your biggest gains and pains as social entrepreneurs in Calgary.

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