05. January 2018 - 21:00
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Done Right House Night | Habitat Living Sound | Friday, 05. January 2018

House music is the spiritual back bone that runs through us, with a lot of the more funky and soulful house quite literally speaking to you on a higher plain and singing along amplifies this feeling. Of course there are also aerobic effects of dancing to house music at a bpm above your standing heart rate. This will pump oxygenated blood around your body, trigger the release of endorphins making you feel energized and happy. While we can't find a reference to it, there is a small gland or bladder in the human body that we share with a fish and nothing else, when we sing or are exposed to house music, it vibrates and produces many of the effects above. This is why we love house music so much, especially when Done Right!

Doors at 9pm

$8 at the Door