29. September 2017 - 9:00
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The **** Coach Talk and Support Group | Co-op Auburn Bay | Friday, 29. September 2017

Hi Mamas!!

Join me EVERY WEEK now from 9-11am at the Co-Op Community room in Auburn Bay. We have different speakers come in, and sometimes just have a nice two hours chatting together.

Judgement free zone. Everyone is included.

I'll be selling #yougotthismama sweaters at the group as well if anyone wants one!!
  • Is there limited spots or tickets?
  • Is this a free event? I couldn't see anything on your site.
  • Hi Sam! I'm sorry I left on short notice. My son is terrified of automatic flush toilets and we had an emergency. In doing so I left all my books there. Any chance you can safe guard them for me until I can grab them? Many thanks, Skye 😊
  • I forgot that we have 4 month vaccinations at 11:20am
  • Hello Mamas! Only one more week until we meet again. Quick survey--- would it be helpful to have a really lovely volunteer come to "baby cuddle" so it gives you a break and a few minutes to drink your coffee? She would be in the room with us.... just an extra set of hands! Let me know and I'm sure I will have volunteers lined up around the doors to cuddle your sweet babes.