09. December 2017 - 11:00
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Christmas in the Village: "Hogsmeade" | East Village Calgary | Saturday, 09. December 2017

The most wonderful time of the year turns up the magic in East Village as the East Villiage Neighbourhood Assocation creates winter market inspired by "Hogsmeade". LIKE OUR MAIN FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/inthevillagehogsmeade/

Join us at Calgary's first European Style Christmas Market in two newly opend public spaces in East Village. Come down and discover the new developments and re-visit where Calgary first was founded over 140 years ago!

This event will be taking place outdoors, which will include a collective tent of food and merchandise vendors, food trucks, possible beer garden, quidditch, kids activities, music, and plenty of opportunity for visitors to go around and look into newly opened businesses in East Village.

Admission link will be released next year. Only 5000 entries are guarunteed per day of the event. All over visitors who miss the opportunity to purchase admission early will have to wait till the days of the event. Visitors admission does not apply to guests that only wish to go to businesses off the venue sites that are not fenced off.

Admission proceeds benefit the non-profti organization of East Village Neighbourhood Assocation which supports and promotes community vitality and partnerships between residents, businesses and service providers, building a strong and sustainable East Village Community.

Souviner Maps and Coupon books will be able for purchase with admission which have been created to elevate your experience of the event. Coupon books can be used after the event as well!

Please like and message our main facebook page if interested in becoming a vendor: https://www.facebook.com/inthevillagehogsmeade/

More market details to be developed, please be patient! Visitors and Vendors can like our main page and RSVP and Share the event to show your support for a community event of this kind!
  • Not pottered out yet from yesterday's amazing Spend a Day in Kensington's Diagon Alley?! Come down and support the containR by Springboard Performance public space before it " Evanesco" (disappears) this fall! The Containr Site in Sunnyside has been an amazing public art space for ideas and people to come together. $25 donations are eligible for a tax receipt. $25 of vendor fees are automatically contributed to Springboard Performance Society and eligible for a tax receipt. If you're interested in getting involved email: sunsetmarketyyc@gmail.com
  • Hey Potterheads, Kensington Diagon Alley is making a grand return with big improvements from last year at the end of July! See you there Witches, Wizards, and Muggles, support the Kensington community!
  • Thank you everyone who participated in sharing the Yule Ball 2016 post and the event. The contest is over today and the contest winners have until 11:59pm to redeem your Yule Ball tickets before another winner is chosen. This event is organized by our friends Penny Lane Entertainment and presented by Cowboys Calgary. Winners are asked to arrive between 8pm and 10pm otherwise a $10 admission fee will be applied to each guest. WHAT TO EXPECT: The ambiance will be more of a wizarding world with definite Yule ball touches. We’ll have an Olivanders wand shop, with the first 200 people through the door receiving a free wand, we’ll have a fortune teller dressed like the professor from the movie, complimentary Butter Beer sampling (captian morgans custom cocktail), a sorting hat with a custom ID card printer to give each person an ID based on what house they are sorted into. We’ll have a game of Quidditch Pong happening early as well to keep people entertained. THE WINNERS OF OUR YULE BALL COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS DRAW ARE: Sam Hershick-Fraser @CherilynJensen @StephenGratton Stephanie Anhorn @JudyNg @FatimaGonzales @ShennaMadole @AmberMesher
  • Dearest Potter Fans, We cordially invite you to the Yule Ball 2016 hosted at Cowboy's Casino & Night Club the evening of Friday the 30th of December from 8PM to 2AM. Guests must be 18 years of age, and although Dumbledore has not drawn an age line himself, valid proof of ID must be presented upon arrival. The first 200 guests will be presented at "Olivanders" where wands lay waiting to choose their wizard/witch owner. What's more, guests will be sorted into their houses and be given their very own Hogwarts student ID's to commemorate the evening. AUKUPI will be awarding our loyal fans with complimentary guest tickets. For your chance to win, you must complete the following actions. 1. Like Aukupi facebook page, and follow on instagram and twitter @aukupimarket 2. RSVP that you are going to Yule Ball 2016 and Share the event. https://www.facebook.com/events/1854817501463629/?active_tab=about 3. Tag 3 people you would like to accompany you to the ball or would be interested in attending. Contest ends and winners will be annouced by Friday December 16th, 2016.
  • Hello Festival Goers, Although Hogsmeade has been postponed to next year, for those of you who wanted to see some Quidditch, Calgary Quidditch will be hosting a friendly game between two local Calgary teams as well as a game where everyone can try Quidditch out. Come share in the Harry Potter magic this Sunday! https://www.facebook.com/events/328072727561432/
  • Looks great. We should all go together Kris.
  • Paco Juarez oh!! Look!! I found it
  • Hannah Warkentin - we gotta go to this!
  • So should my Harry Potter swag be on point or nah?
  • Why change of date again
  • Hi there is there still space available to be a vendor at this event?
  • Hi When can I get tickets?
  • Ami Carrigan-Smith Ross Evins Emily Gizzi- Something you guys might wanna check out
  • ATTENTION GUESTS & VENDORS: Thank you for all your support with Hallow's Eve in the Village, over 6,350 people attended the 2 day event over October 29th and 30th, 2016. In the past week, we have been collecting feedback from vendors and visitors that participated in the Hallow's Eve in the Village event. We thank you for the overwhelming interest, and both constructive and positive feedback to improve Harry Potter themed events. In order to implement the event improvements suggested, the East Village Neighbourhood Association has decided it is in the best interest of the visitors, vendors, and suppliers to postpone this event until further notice. Therefore, Christmas in the Village event for this year - December 3 - 4th, 2016 will be CANCELLED. Organizers will be taking the year to raise event production funds, to curate and prepare vendors to fit the event theme, book entertainment and family activities required to put on an improved production to meet the expectations of our vendor and visitor customers. We hope you continue to support the event, in order to make it happen! To provide suggestions of what you would like to see for Christmas in the Village: Hogsmeade in 2017 Please like and follow the Facebook Page for this event: https://www.facebook.com/inthevillagehogsmeade/ PRE-PAID VENDORS: If you are a pre-paid vendor of this event, you will be receiving an email that will give you the option for a full vendor refund in 1 weeks time or put your payment towards the 150th Canada Celebration event on July 1st, that attracts over 25,000 people each year to celebrate in the East Village Community and Calgary Downtown Core area.
  • Hello could you please tell me if there is still vendor space available
  • Hello! Can you please tell me what the hours for each day will be, if you know? And is there somebody that I can talk to about being a vendor? I already sent in my application, but just want to be sure that it was received. Thanks you! I'm super excited about this event!
  • Qudditch Returns in 4 weeks!
  • Do you need a Santa Claus for this? My parents and I are working as Santa and crew this year (both my mum and dad have been certified). Larry Kapustka Susan Kristoferson
  • Celebrate Halloween Weekend at Hallow's Eve in the Village: "Godric's Hollow"!
  • SOCK DRIVE FOR DROP IN CENTRE NEXT WEEKEND October 29th and 30th Hallow's Eve in the Village: "Godric's Hollow" at LOFT 112 with Calgary Public Library!
  • In case you missed the Championship Game earlier this month, you can still catch the Calgary Qudditch Leagues Hallow's Eve in the Village: "Godric's Hollow"!
  • Hallow's Eve in the Village: "Godric's Hollow" will have some very special vendors like ZoltanGal Emporium! Don't wait till December, support the event now so Christmas in the Village: "Hogsmeade" can be even better!
  • Jenel Brown