18. January 2018 - 16:00
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BIG Winter Classic 2018: Red Fang, Less Than Jake, Metz and more | Calgary, Alberta | Thursday, 18. January 2018

Well well Radtown, your favourite winter festival is back and she's going to be BIGGER, BADDER and RADDER than ever in 2018!

BIG Winter Classic will be going down from January 18 to 21, 2018; in the dead of winter and in the heart of our favourite city.

This year's festival will feature 5 venues, 7 stages, and over 60 bands - making for what is sure to be one **** of a time.

Our usual hosts in Broken City, Last Best Brewing & Distilling and Dickens Pub will again be back in 2018, joined this year by newcomers Gerry Thomas Gallery!

We will again have stages both inside and out, so don't forget a toque. Or do - maybe we'll have some for ya. Who knows.

Our first wave of bands was just announced on November 4th, and oh baby, we're ready. So who's playing you ask? Get some -

RED FANG - Heavy, catchy, and subtley complex - coming hot outta Portland and straight for your hearts, get ready.

METZ - Toronto's most powerful Subpop punks.

Less Than Jake - Punk. Ska. Pop. Available at Best Buy and coming to a snowy Calgary stage near you.

Jay Som - Having just dropped her first full length Everybody Works, Oakland's Jay Som uses fuzz and angst and help us forge ahead. You ready?

Partner - Self proclaimed ***** shredders from New Brunswick, these gals can bring it. Give their new record In Search of Lost Time and you'll know what we mean.

Duchess Says - Bringing their mega powerful "moog rock" to Radtown - get ready for one **** of a live performance.

Guantanamo Baywatch - Portland's finest surf, ***, sludge and garbage - in a 4 piece; taking the BIG stage... again. If you missed these beauties in 2016, make sure not to allow yourself the same mistake twice.

Shred Kelly - Fernie folk rock. High energy. Here to get yer feet a-movin'. Don't forget your dancing shoes.

Daniel Romano - With six "mosey" music records now out, manipulating genre and form, Daniel knows what he's doing. You should know what he's doing too.

And Calgary, that's just scratching the surface. Go on, dig your feet deep into the rest of what (for the time being), is just our first wave of performers:

Bend Sinister // ACTORS // Eamon Mcgrath // // Uptights // audio/rocketry // Jung People // Matt Blais // The Heirlooms // A-BOMB // Look Vibrant // Crooked Spies // RALEIGH // Fake Diamonds // Abductees // Mister & Mystic // The Rumble // The Corey Hotline // Time Boy // Sellout // Altameda // Mammoth Grove // Robot Workers // Lashes // Cold Water // Dabdorians // Speed Control // I Am The Mountain // Flowshine // Craic The Lens // Pancake // Lion Pride // The Night Terrors.

... and way, way more.

Yep. We're only one wave in.

You pumped? Tight. So are we.

Tickets in the link above!

See. You. So. Soon.

All our love, always.

  • Our West Coast neighbours, Shred Kelly, will be bringing their electric infused folk anthems to BIG this January. Give your ears a treat this morning - they deserve it. http://spoti.fi/2B1Opeb
  • Feeling ready to move? Bring those dancing feet and lets lift a glass as Craic The Lens bring their Celtic sound to our stage. Rock 'n' Roll with a little bit more, this is a show you shouldn't miss. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPC4bhC9Ayo&index=1&list=PLa0lFkM5Ymj3_6BYHckIqBnVdmVNHExEV
  • Electronic indie hip hop. What more could ya ask for? Get glamorous with Fake Diamonds this BIG 2018. https://soundcloud.com/fakediamonds
  • Remember our pal Mason Jenkins, who recently tattooed boss man Adrian Urlacher? Well he also happens to be the leader of The Corey Hotline, the most (not) serious rock band to come out of Calgary since... a long time! Like an episode of Degrassi Jr. high without morals or value, they're a band you simply cannot miss this January. https://thecoreyhotline.bandcamp.com/releases
  • Rich tones of helpless honesty, Mister & Mystic were destined for this. After years of performing steadily in busy venues, they sat down and created the sound you hear now. Hear it live at BWC 2018. https://misterandmystic.bandcamp.com/releases
  • OH ****. FULL LINEUP! Ladies and gentlemen, at last. There's a little sneak peek in the banner, but if you mozy on over to www.bigwinterclassic.com, y'all can find the real nitty-gritty on 70+ incredible artists that we'll be lucky enough to have grace our stages come January! WE. ARE. SO. HYPED.
  • Happy Tu(n)esday people! One of the coolest parts of BIG is being lucky enough to help showcase so much local talent. This week we're taking a peek at a few of #yyc's newest noise makers. If you don't know them yet, you're sure to soon. Sellout are the most biggest and baddest punks in town. Instrumentals to knock ya out and vocals to pick ya right back up, they're the perfect sound to have you singing and moving in ways you didn't know you could. With a new album out this week, they'll be bringing the heat to BIG. https://selloutpunk.bandcamp.com/album/sellout Flowshine are Alberta groove. Purveyors of chill tunes and good times, these Calgary boys know how to use their high energy live shows to bring rock 'n' roll back to the people. Come catch 'em for a good time - we promise, they're good for it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPDtknrNSPc
  • Manic and dreamy, post/prog rock vocals to embody your anxiety for pleasure, Time Boy are pure delight. Don't miss them at BWC 2018. https://timeboyband.bandcamp.com/album/ponoka
  • This city ain't broken, and Calgary's Broken City knows it well. Keeping the pulse of Electric Avenue beating since 2004 and putting up with BIG year and year again, BC is the spot to be for Calgary's creatives, scenesters, punks, friends and lovers. Broken City, we love you.
  • Jay Som's Everybody Works just earned Paste Magazine's album of 2017. Enough said!!!! Weekend passes include a free brunch Sunday Jan 21 at Last Best Brewing & Distilling and free access to Big Studio all month long. https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2017/11/the-50-best-albums-of-2017.html?p=5
  • Colour pop! Montreal's Look Vibrant are a treat for all of your senses, with a light and energetic sound, they'll have you seeing, feeling, and moving to the music in a way you were never expecting. https://lookvibrant.bandcamp.com/album/bull-eagle
  • ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?! #yyc's The Rumble are here to smack those hips into motion with one potent dose of rock 'n' roll. Slow, fast, future and fast - they've got what you need. Lick your lips and take a sip: https://therumble.bandcamp.com/album/less-medicine
  • Heya heya Radtown! Happy Tu(n)esday! Lets take us a little look at a couple of bands joining us from our neighbours to the west, shall we? Although generally disliking each other's hockey teams, Alberta and BC have a lot in common. We share the Rocky Mountains, a love of lakes, and we're each awfully proud of our local musicians, creators, shakers and movers. Shred Kelly are a Fernie five piece known for their sing-along anthems and high energy live shows. They've been inspiring dance floors now for three full length albums, and are consistently a crowd favourite. See them at BIG this January, and they'll be an instant favourite of yours as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3Iy1mBzpdQ Bend Sinister are Vancouver's essential power pop-rock 'n' roll group, and they're impossible to ignore. These boys love to rock simply because it makes 'em wanna rock more. Infectious? Absolutely. Plug this in and get taught with the boys of Bend Sinister: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrLlugClPCM
  • Edmonton born, Toronto based - taking shots of whiskey 'cause there ain't no champagne. Eamon Mcgrath will be bringing his often folk, sometimes punk, always incredible live show to BIG this January. The man has something special, wouldn't you agree? Don't miss your chance to see him at Calgary's coziest winter festival. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VyDj8K1chk
  • Feeling ready to shout, dance, get down, move around and sing sing along? Ya you are. Robot Workers are no strangers to dance parties and energetic shows. Our bodies are ready. https://robotworkers.bandcamp.com
  • Calgary's Cold Water are the boys of winter. Embracing the chill and celebrating the yet refreshing feel of the cold. Catch 'em at this 2018's BIG Winter Classic. https://coldwater.bandcamp.com
  • What exactly is a dabdorian? We're not sure - it sounds a little Men In Black - our pals Dabdorians though, sound like the perfect laid back folk funk for a Friday night. Here's a little jig from one of their Rockin' 4 Dollar$ Calgary performances. Next stop, BIG Winter Classic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkzR0AIKBmQ
  • Daniel Romano is a craftsman, a songwriter whose tracks "look to the great beyond" - Pitchfork. With seven studio albums to his name, Romano has made his mark. His latest, Modern Pressure, is the most fascinating yet frustrating to date - and will leave you thanking your lucky stars you've learned his name. Don't miss him at 2018's BIG Winter Classic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5w7WJPywrY4
  • Duchess Says are Montreal's moog rock preachers. Influent members of the Church of Budgerigars, their enormously intense live shows will leave you itching for the next service. Don't miss them at this January's BIG Winter Classic 2018. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9rRzf2gStk
  • Happy Tu(n)esday dudes and dudettes of Radtown! This week - we're taking a look at Portland! Our ever weird, ever trendy, beer lovin' hipster-city-friends from Oregon. 2018's BIG Winter Classic will be featuring a couple of bands from Oregon's capital, INCLUDING: RED FANG: Formed in 2005 by John, Aaron, David and Maurice, Red Fang are a band bringing maximum pleasure at maximum volume. They're heavy, catchy, intricate, and here to please. Have yerselves a Pabst, dig in and get ready - the Fang is comin'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRAmSfUjBl0 Guantanamo Baywatch: Portland's sexiest, sludgiest surf rockers are back for another round and like, are you ready? We're not sure we've come down from their time here in 2016. They'll be bringing big smiles and a bit of that beach-y feel to our winter stages and we'd like to make sure you're ready. Maybe their next video will based on adventures in the heart of Calgary? Here's a slice of their adventures in Mesa for reference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oheVyMyVXsg&feature=youtu.be
  • RALEIGH are Calgary through and through. They're BIG vets, a proud part of the scene here in Radtown, and we could not be more excited to welcome them back to BWC 2018. Having just dropped a new record back in September, the gang are locked and loaded to bring something truly special to this January's classic. Get cozy, dig in, and get excited. https://raleigh.bandcamp.com/album/powerhouse-bloom
  • Sorry if this has been asked, but can you buy single band tickets? Or do you have to buy a weekend pass?
  • Radtown, meet Edmonton's audio/rocketry - Audio/Rocketry, Radtown. Start your engines, people, and get ready for a January blast off with these fun lovin' folk-rock beauties. Get a little taste of their sound here: https://audiorocketry.bandcamp.com
  • When Whitehorse comes to Calgary - you party. Get a piece of Speed Control with the first release off their Still Standing record and get fired up for this January. These boys know how to bring it. https://www.facebook.com/bridgecitysessions/videos/1373803766002843/
  • Post-punk. Post-post-punk. Darkwave. Whatever you want to call them, the Jason Corbett led ACTORS has the sound you NEED. They'll be gracing the stages of BIG this January, and for your sake, it's a show we hope you don't miss. Get a little taste of Actors below, and get excited for the winter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqVjkkjD1g0