17. October 2017 - 20:00

Beginner Acroyoga Fitness with Rose | Peak Fitness YYC | Tuesday, 17. October 2017

BEGINNER ACROYOGA FITNESS- every Tuesday 8-9:30pm!
(Event time shows 8-9, but it's actually until 9:30- can't seem to change it on the event)

These Acroyoga classes are very beginner friendly. All bodies and ages welcome, with many variations accessible to individuals of all levels. Moving with others encourages us to find precision and accuracy in our movements focusing on alignment & efficiency.

*You don’t need to be strong or flexible, you just need to have fun!*

Building B5 @ "The Fit Guy", 2514 Battleford Ave SW, Calgary (Door on left side of building)

*1st Peak Fitness class is free!*
Reg. $20 drop-in;
$175 for a 10 pass;
$300 for a 20 pass;
Promo: Students save $5/class

Class Description:
Each week there will be a different focus with strength and flexibility drills, movement patterns, and games. Exploring in groups, we learn foundational alignment, counter-balances, transitions and flows that these partner-Acroyoga classes offers.

Acroyoga is a form of partner acrobatic-yoga, that sometimes also combines elements of massage into a unique physical trusting expression. Playful in nature, it develops balance, strength, flexibility, trust, communication and human connections.

Come on your own to meet a new friend or bring a friend to share the fun. Please bring water, comfortable clothes you can move in, yoga mat, an open mind, and your biggest giggles!


Teacher Bio:
Rose is best known as a playful, smiling little monkey kitty who thrives for spontaneous adventures and human connections. She was introduced to Acroyoga in Montreal and immediately fell in love. “It’s like watching strong skilled dancers create art harmoniously”.

As an outdoor enthusiast, she brings her background of rock climbing, slacklining, hiking, yoga and good health, to ‘help friends fly’ through Acroyoga. She builds community by playing, exploring, and connecting with others.

She instructs students how to balance though amazing poses and unusual positions, by helping them build a strong foundation, and finding new ways to move with others.

Join her in finding your inner child!
  • Finding balance is key in life. Slowing down the tempo and playing in the present moment is key to finding balance in partner acroyoga. We play in groups of 3+ for safety falls, come alone or bring friends. Beginner friendly Acrofit classes every Tuesday night 8-9:30pm, with different variations every week. *First class free* :)
  • Acroyoga balances our adult life by finding our inner child = playtime! Laugh, learn, practice, and progress!
  • Planning for a balancing partner acroyoga workout in class tonight, be prepared to laugh & work together as a group! :)
  • Excited to AcroYoga play tonight! 8-9:30pm
  • It's time to play Tuesday nights! How's your balance on one foot? What about laying down, one leg up, and balancing a human on your foot? Test your balance at 8pm tomorrow night.
  • Thank you for class Rose!! That really was so much fun. I love how playful yet detailed/structured your classes are! See you next Tuesday!
  • Tonight, we will be getting upside-down! Excited to see you cats soon! Meow #acrorose