10. July 2019 - 10:00 till 15:00
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Bronze Age Sword Casting class: Burnsville, MN | | Wednesday, 10. July 2019

Have you ever watched someone making a sword in the movies and thought it looked too cool for school? If so, this class is for you! Join us in Burnsville, MN for a 5 hour class (10-3pm), where you'll choose a wooden sword blank precut in one of several historical Bronze Age patterns and customize it using a belt sander. In the second half of class, you get your hands dirty making a sand cast of the wooden original, and then watch as we pour an exact copy of it in molten aluminum! Then, while you grab some lunch dinner, we'll grind the swords smooth and prepare them for handles. When you come back, wrap the handle in leather and take both the wood and metal swords home! $95 This class is an Austin original and always sells out, so grab a friend and strike while the iron is hot!Check it out--we cast a sword with Tania Ortega on the FOX 7 morning show!   I also collaborated with Andy from How To Make Everything to cast a sword from pennies! The episode has alreadygotten over 1.9M views!  see Sword Casting Guy’s FB page to see pictures and read raves from happy customers. The class grew out of a desire to make Ancient Civilizations class more hands on, and so is taught very interactively, with lots of archaeology, history, and physics connections being explored. 

Is there a minimum age requirement to take the class?
Kids as young as 7 can take the class as long as they have an ***** to help them. And you wouldn't be alone--it is common to have as many adults as kids come to experience this amazing process!

How many tickets do I need?  
The cost of the class is per sword cast, not per participant, so it depends if mom or dad want to cast their own sword. They often do!

I like to do woodworking--can I make a sword ahead of time and bring it to class to cast?
Yes, some of the coolest swords we've seen have come along this way. If you want to try this, email me for dimensions and a few sword design rules of thumb. 

Can adults come without a kid?
Sure! People of truly all ages come to my classes--it really feels like a community event.

Sounds dangerous. Is it safe?
As a veteran science teacher, safety is my first priority. Participants are always a safe distance from any burn hazard, and swords are not sharpened to a cutting edge in class. In casting over 2,000 swords with multi-age classes, there has never been an injury bigger than a scratch.