05. November 2020 - 9:00
Bruxelles Centre, Bruxelles
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DATA SEO LABS - Level 1 - Brussels (2 days) | Thursday, 05. November 2020

Enter the world of data-driven SEO and boost your online acquisition strategies with Data Science and Machine Learning.

About this Event


You may have read that to be 1st on Google you had to put keywords in your titles, make "good content" and create a lot of links to your site, as if you just had to follow the same recipe over and over again...

Maybe you also believe that you can make a "big hit" by taking shortcuts.

The reality is that Google's algorithm now relies heavily on artificial intelligence (HummingBird, RankBrain and more recently BERT updates), and this AI is much smarter than you!

It is capable of adapting search results to the Internet user as never before and is making exponential progress in detecting SPAM.

What you must remember is the magic and fast SEO that does NOT exist.

On the other hand, thanks to the extraordinary progress made in the field of Data Science in recent months, it is now possible to analyze Google to know exactly what to do to position yourself on the front page, and even to use state-of-the-art algorithms to automate a whole bunch of tasks...


This is what we teach you in the DATA SEO LABS training.

Already attended by more than 150 companies (C-Discount, Altima, SNCF, Botify, Leroy Merlin, Fnac, Solocal, Ornikar, Search Foresight, Orange, Société Générale...), our training is the first Data Science training 100% dedicated to SEO.

Mainly composed of concrete SEO examples, interspersed with games, the DATA SEO LABS training is an intensive 2-day training. It has been designed to help you exploit the full potential of Data Sciences to boost your SEO, even if you are not technical and start from scratch.

Here is the program:

  • Why mix Data Science + SEO
  • The basics of R Programming to automate its actions
  • SEO data manipulation and crossovers
  • Data Visualisation and automated crawl
  • Statistics for SEO non-statisticians
  • Machine Learning to predict its positions on Google and prioritize its SEO projects to boost its results.

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