15. July 2020 - 11:00
Zoom Webinar, Bristol
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NatWest Accelerator: Sustainable Sales | Wednesday, 15. July 2020

4 Steps to Sustainable Sales

About this Event

Watertight Marketing - 4 Steps to Sustainable Sales

What will it cover?

This is a full 2 hour workshop - bring pen and paper and snacks to keep you going!

Join us for an interactive session in collaboration with Watertight Marketing and Rachael Wheatley.

During the session there will be an opportunity to explore how

- To map your marketing

- Build your baseline plan

- Tweak your touchpoint leaks

- Make your actions stick

We will focus on one action you can take for each element. The session has been designed to leave you with practical hints and tips to help you thinking differently about your marketing and how it supports sales techniques. You will also be introduced to how you can implement the methodology in to your business and what support is available to do that.

The Watertight methodology created by Bryony Thomas has proven incredible results - if you havent already got the book - order it today! https://watertightmarketing.com/what-is-watertight-marketing/watertight-marketing-methodology/

This is a Zoom webinar - details will be sent in your confirmation email. You will find it at the bottom of the email, in ‘Additional Details’. The meeting is password protected and must be accessed using the encrypted link.