05. November 2020 - 10:00 till 17:30
Saxons Training Facilities, Brisbane
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Presentations With A Difference | Thursday, 05. November 2020

Would you like to:

✯ Significantly enhance your skillset to “Stand and Deliver a Presentation” (Public Speaking)

✯ Discover effective techniques to “Engage, Inform and Inspire” an audience.

✯ Instantly build rapport with an audience and experience that sense of real connection.

If so, then please join me in the “Presentations With A Difference” one day interactive workshop, specifically designed to bring out your very best when speaking and sharing your valued message.

Through this interactive workshop you will identify:

► The key drivers that constitute an effective, powerful and memorable presentation. 

► The power of “The 3 V’s” in the art of communication.

► Discover ways to speak with purpose and conviction.

► The four basic elements of a presentation.

► The nine presentation essentials.

► Core fundamentals on how to structure a presentation.

► The art of Storytelling and its power to build genuine rapport.

► Ways to effectively navigate question time. (Do’s and Don’ts)

► Helpful techniques to calm the nerves and overcome the fear of public speaking.

Workshop Outcomes / Benefits:

Enhanced communication and presentation skills will greatly assist you to:

► Stand and deliver a presentation that “engages, informs and inspires” your audience.

► Build your self-confidence and develop strong leadership skills. 

► Accelerate your potential to attain professional or personal goals.

► Improve your interpersonal skills (How you relate and connect with others)

► Hone your thinking and listening skills.

► Effectively share your message, expertise, knowledge and values.

► Deliver “Presentations With A Difference” so as you stand out.

It's time to "Unleash That Gifted Speaker Within You" !!! 

Workshop Includes:

* Workshop Manual, Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea.