14. April 2018 - 12:00 till 23:59
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Odinfest II | The Back Room Brisbane | Saturday, 14. April 2018

One of the biggest parties of the year! Get your speeches in order and brush up on your best YES chants. It's time to celebrate the birthday of Brisbane's iconic madman ODIN
You know it'll be heavy, you know it will be folky, you know it will be thrashy! YAAHAAR ITS PARTYTIME

Bands announced so far:

DRAGONSMEAD (Meadowar set)

plus many more soon \m/
  • You better fill out those ****** perscriptions and stock up on prune juice, the grannies of grind Palliative Care are coming to get sensual \m/
  • These youngsters are doing awesome things of late, even though they are new to the scene!Bring on the new breed, Bring on the powerful Level H!!
  • **** is getting dark and heavy when DEMONREICH come to party!
  • Lets kick today off with some more announcements for ODINFEST. First up for today, Bring on Povarotti!!
  • Party boozers Dragonsmead are bringing you something special for this years ODINFEST! Bring on a special extended MEADOWAR set! Along with their own brand of drunken viking partymetal. They'll be blasting out a few of your favourite MANOWAR tracks aswell \m/
  • These dudes are hands down crushing the Australian THRASH scene at the moment! We are so proud to call them our own, The mighty Brisbane thrashers Wartooth!!!!
  • Whats a party without the monsters of Brisso party grind. Hide your Dads and lube up your fists, its time for DECAPITATED MUM!!!
  • Lets keep going with this THRASH theme and keep things cranking with Brissy maniacs Asylum!! \m/
  • We all know a huge portion of this lineup will be THRASH, so it comes as no surprise to say Deraign are coming to party!!!
  • Lets kick these announcements off with a bang, up first, its the final ever show for Scumbag, so come and get wrecked and give these lads a proper sendoff!
  • So my plane gets in at 5:35pm... 😏
  • Yes yes... YES!