08. April 2024 - 12:30

Red Bull Presents: Solar Eclipse: April 8th 2024 With Frampton! | Red Lobster | Monday, 08. April 2024

Join me outside the Red Lobster in Brampton to view the next solar eclipse!
  • Canadian Hip Hop Pioneer Saukrates will be direct support to Peter Frampton. Get pumped.
  • Let's **** it, I probably won't go...
  • http://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/entertainment/rapper-defiantly-stares-at-eclipse-cancels-toronto-show-1.3559432 Just a reminder that if 40,000 people attend I will give you all free glasses.
  • Meet Linda Jeffrey. She is the mayor of Brampton, and she even helped move forward some zoning permits to allow the red lobster to open before it was fully safe. A bold move. Join Linda just before the Eclipse as she will be signing autographs.
  • If the Red Lobster supplies endless biscuits and mushroom caps, this will be the event of the century.
  • I would like to thank Red Bull for coming on board as the sponsor for this event.
  • We are proud to announce that Peter Frampton will perform live just as the eclipse hits its maximum eclipse-ness! Frampton in Brampton!
  • Just wondering why anyone would go to Brampton for the upcoming solar eclipse? It is just out of the totality area, so it will only be a partial, but very full 99.5% eclipse. https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/map/2024-april-8#
  • Hey everyone: the weather network has confirmed that it should be a clear day so if everyone could keep messaging the Red Lobster Facebook page to extend the patio for the day that would be great. I can't anymore- they must have accidentally blocked me. Silly them!
  • so what's the weather forecast for april 8, 2024?
  • I am having difficulty figuring out what to wear.
  • Red Lobster might claim to be pressing charges and distancing themselves from this event. We all know their legal team has a real sense of humour so we are pushing forward! Keep spreading the word, folks!
  • If only 2024 happen quick.
  • Don't listen to the press! They might tell you that they are trying to distance themselves from this event, but trust me, red lobster is on board!
  • Meet Leo Gallzi. Leo works for Red Lobster's head office and wants to thank you all for your patronage in advance. Together we will make this a successful Eclipse.
  • 'This could really put us on the map' says Joanne Stinton, Manager of Red Lobster. Do your part.
  • FYI: there are 2421 days until the event. If everyone could invite a few people, and let's say we get a little more than 200 'attending' a day, we should be able to hit 600,000 people by the event. This will double the population of Brampton for the day.
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