27. January 2018 - 20:00

Garth's 60th Pete's 62nd and Keitha's 30th Bday Bash at Spot One | Spot One Bar and Grill | Saturday, 27. January 2018

MLC and Torpedo Sunrise are teaming up once again at Spot One Bar and Grill in Brampton.
Shine up your helmuts and put on yer dancin shoes it's gonna ROCK !
Hope to see you there ****'s !
  • Don't forget Todd's bday as well 47 lol
  • Hope all are good friends show up
  • Love the new pic! **** groupies!!😂
  • Omg the picture though. Great!
  • It’s the Missus’s bday too!
  • Update ! Our brother from another mother Garth Edwin Dawson is turning 60 .. "lol 60 yeah I know right" ... so this event has just leveled up ! It's gonna ROCK ! We need as many people as possible to come out and help Garth blow out all those candles cuz there's like 60 of them .. and he's like 60. So yeah ... Spot One has already called the Brampton Fire Dept. and told them that although the alarms are going to be going off .... It is a controlled burn ! ;) See you there ****'s and BrOfO's ! Peace !
  • Will be there with bells on lol!! It will be like re-living our engagement all over again 🤣🤣 Scott Woods Only this time I don’t have to go up on stage lmao!!!!! 🤩🤩