15. February 2018 - 18:00 till 21:00
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The Last Dance. T By Daniel Is On The Move | T by Daniel | Thursday, 15. February 2018

This time, 4 years ago, we celebrated our Grand Opening in downtown Brampton with a record breaking attendance. T By Daniel was just at the beginning of a great big adventure.

We danced. We laughed. We sang. We made thousands of cups of tea.

Now, four years later, we are celebrating something exciting, and something new.
A bittersweet party, T By Daniel will be moving locations from Downtown Brampton, to Bramalea City Centre.

We love our downtown customers, from the bottom of our heart. You have been the backbone of the growth of T By Daniel, and the people who have always put a smile on our ****. As we continue to grow and change, we hope to take all of you on this new journey into the exciting world of Bramalea City Centre! Who knows what amazing new adventures will come of this great big change!

So....If you've ever been to our shop, supported us, had a great or a memorable experience, we are inviting you to celebrate one last dance at our downtown location, before we move into our new spot.
Bring a friend, bring the kids, and lets all just hang out and have one last cheesy party in the downtown core!

Our downtown doors will officially be closing on Thursday, February 15th, at 9PM- at the end of this party.
Stay tuned for all the details about our new location, coming very very soon.
  • Congrats T by Daniel I knew you would be successful from the day you gave that inspirational speech at that "Get Energized" event which you all the best at your new location !
  • I’m working nights that week. Sad I’m going to miss the party. Hopefully I’ll be able to make the Opening Party. Congrats and can’t wait for a bigger space for Daniel to show off his dance moves.
  • Big loss for Downtown Brampton but looking forward to Daniel vs. David (aka Goliath). May the best tea win!
  • What on the 15 the of Feb.
  • Thanks for the invite. Barbara Kemper and I will be thrilled to attend.
  • Bittersweet! I just loved stopping in with my Ma on one of our shopping days in the down town core. Love the Jack o lantern tea and the pumpkin spice. You'll be missed. Will pop by the city centre to say hello in the future. Best of luck!
  • I wish you guys every bit of good luck that is out there. Jeff & I will be in Cuba on vacation when you kick up your heels for the last dance. Have fun and we will kick up our heels in Cuba at the same time.
  • Omg they are coming to BCC!!!!!!! Who’s able to come join me?! Krystal Neon Bailey
  • I’ll be in Montreal but very excited for you and Daniel! Big moves, lots of love, sending all the blessings on your journey! ❤️❤️ #KillIngIt
  • Very excited for you guys, but also selfishly bummed - Where will I go to warm up after skating? To BCC, right. 😉 All the best!
  • Congrats on your years of success in the core & best wishes at the new location! Hope the quaint ambiance & the great music do not change. I’ve become accustomed to that, along with the amazing teas & excellent service.
  • Yay! You'll be closer to me too and to my church. Now if you could open at 10 on a Sunday so I could have my pre-worshio lion we would be golden! Haha so happy for you guys, downtown definitely won't be the same without you though.
  • This is a great move for you guys but downtown will never be the same. How am I supposed to get a great cup of tea before work? Sure I could make one at home but the experience isn't the same. Will definitely come visit the new location!! ❤️❤️
  • This is a great move for you guys but downtown will never be the same. How am I supposed to get a great cup of tea before work? Sure I could make one at home but the experience isn't the same. Will definitely come visit the new location!! ❤️❤️
  • Congratulations to this growth and wishing you continued success!!
  • Kyle and I can't wait until you open up at BCC! We don't get downtown as often anymore, but the mall is close to us! We're gonna make a special trip on Thursday during the day (sorry, our evening is already spoken for) to come in!
  • Congrats! The two Brampton Tea shops now in both of Brampton's mall!
  • oh my heart. I sadly can't make it, but I'll come see you in your new spot when I come home. Feeling the bittersweet excitement with you!! <3
  • Sad to see you leaving the downtown .....our old hood.......but happy to hear your moving to our new hood :) see you soon guys Cheers🍵
  • This is great news! Bramalea City Center is a smart move! You'll be missed downtown. Will your prices remain the same?
  • What?!?! This is not allowed 😭😭 I won't be able to walk five minutes from my house to get tea anymore!!! Don't get me wrong I am super happy for you guys ❤️ but 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I'll miss you so much downtown won't be the same without T by Daniel. You opened shop when I was in grade 9, its funny that now that I've moved on to University you guys would be moving too. I used to absolutely hate tea before T by Daniel and now I am a tea fanatic, thank you for that 💕
  • Dang I got to work that night
  • Goodbye
  • Ok Wow I get this snap from Angela Guilherme asking me if I got the invite and how was she is sad! I started to panic!!! Then I see...you're moving. Heart ache sinks in slowly. Anxiety starts to rise. Then I see ok ok ok you're still in Brampton, this is slightly acceptable! But, this isn't about me!!!! But I loved having you in my hood and glad you will still be nearby!!!! Congratulations!!!!
  • I’m excited for your big move! The kids and I will for sure be there to celebrate Much love guys