01. June 2018 - 14:00
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Quinte Secondary School Closing Ceremonies Weekend | Quinte Secondary School | Friday, 01. June 2018

We will be organizing several events on this weekend to celebrate all the amazing years of Quinte Secondary School. We are looking for volunteers to help organize events. If you are interested, please contact Liane Woodley or Eric Fetterley. More detalis to follow!
  • Attention Quinte Secondary School Closing Ceremonies Weekend Organizers Staff: I received this text from the Intelligencer in regards to publizing the closing so that the word would be heard by folks not on social media. It is as follows: "Sorry for the delay in responding, Suzie. Not everyone is in yet this morning so it's hard to know if we've been contacted. The organizers should contact our editor, Brice McVicar, 613-962-9171 x 546211 or bmcvicar@postmedia.com with details of the event. Thanks."
  • There are so many Alumni that are not on social media such as Facebook and Twitter and it might be a wise decision to publish this event in the Intelligencer, Quinte News and also the Community Press to get the word out; perhaps even have it on the radio...surely we have radio personalities that could do this on behalf of their alma mater! Please spread the word...it is NOT getting out there and there will be many that will be disappointed that they did not know about it until it is over!!! Go Saints Go...forever! :(
  • David Hodgins and i will sing a few ditties. lovelove
  • I would love to help organize an event. Perhaps an '80s meet-up, or 80s dance party in the main gym. We had the time of our young lives dancing to now iconic 80s pop stars in the gym, and watching the newly released Much Music videos in the foyer (played on VCR), not to mention the loads of fun and antics of Spirit Week! Speaking of spirit week, it was the class of 85/86 that first introduced the lip sync competition (Live Air), a tradition that continued for many years, and it would be great to revive some of those performances. I have hundreds of photos from that era (yearbook editor '85) and could put together an '80s slide show. Please tag all '80s Saints!! #QSS_Forever, #GoSaints, #SpiritWeek, #LiveAir
  • I am happy to be involved where ever needed.
  • I love to be involved in this events. O provide Dj'ing, Lighting, Sound, Staging and **** & Drape.
  • Are you a former ARTS STUDENT at QSS? We are trying to organize a "Reflections" on the Friday night and need performers. Let us know.
  • Tickets for the Dinner and Dance are available at the school for $60.00. This is not a fundraising event but will just cover the cost of the food and venue. If you would like a ticket but are unable to visit the school, please message Liane Woodley lwoodley@hpedsb.on.ca and send a cheque to Quinte Secondary School we will hold a ticket for you
  • Will this be posted on Classmates.com. in the event/reunion section?
  • So, I have seen a post elsewhere saying that tickets for the Closing Dinner are $60.00 per person, available at the QSS office, "OR" if you would like a ticket but are unable to visit the school, please send an email to the Principal, Liane Woodley: lwoodley@hpedsb.on.ca and send a cheque payable to Quinte Secondary School and they will hold a ticket for you "OR" I was also told by a QSS Office Staff that you could send a letter of request for tickets to QSS, along with a cheque and they would either mail you your tickets or hold them for you at the Armories door. Please remember to include your full name and address and the number of tickets requested.
  • Any new developments on the event?
  • Looks like a good reason to visit all uz guyz !! Remember we all said at the 50th we’d do everything possible to attend the 75th. Guess this will be the one instead.
  • Does anyone have year books ( Quintessence) from the years 1968-1972? I would love to copies of the pictures of the staff from way back then. Also graduation photos of Class of 1968.
  • I had the worst experience of my life, here too, got called a "dog" and "ugly"every single day and it changed the course of my life forever, but I still went on to get married, (not someone of this school thank God,) but because of those constant ridicules, made me feel worthless and I married the wrong man which ended in divorce because I felt I couldn't do better, but I have 2 wonderful kids and a grandson, but still sad to see the school close.
  • I was on the committee for the 50th reunion. It's going to be tough to do this in less than a year. Be prepared.
  • With over 91 people on the school board earning over 100 grand a year and a huge debt there is no money left. Get elected to the school board and boot all the fat cats out.
  • I have to be honest i didnt really like it as much as i should have for various reasons but still sad to see it go down after all these years
  • I don't agree with this! :(
  • Very saddened to hear Quinte is closing!# all three of my kids went there and I just cant understand why there is a need to close it!! Its part of Bellevilles history and to be frank, I think it really sucks
  • So many good memories with so many great people. 😢 so sad it's closing, hopefully I'll be able to venture down to say goodbye
  • Since Sandy and I co-chaired the 50th reunion it's probably only fitting that we volunteer for this too
  • Wow! Is it really closing??? Where are all these kids going to go??
  • I cant believe it😣
  • This is really happening!?????