08. September 2018 - 10:00 till 21:00
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Daddy Of All Rallies, Make America GODLY Again Unity festival and debate. | St. Clair County Event Center | Saturday, 08. September 2018

We will celebrate Making America GODLY Again so it can be great again. With a fantastic UNITY rally. American Patriots from all walks of life are invited to participate in this family friendly event. We will also be raising money to help two local non profits. Both the Demetrius Johnson Charitable Foundation in St. Louis as well a the St. Vincent de Paul East St. Louis Shelter will be represented and financially assisted. This will be a great day to celebrate this great country with bikers, truckers, military, farmers, teachers, food workers, entertainers, politicians and every other type of Patriot  you can think of. While also helping these great nonprofits.
Two great events both at the same venue and on the Same day. The DOAR Unity rally will celebrate this great country and the creator. We have the Reed Brothers From Mississippi lined up as one of the Bands playing with more to come. We have multiple speakers and entertainers already lined up as well. People like Jamie Allman, Londa Gatt, Henry Davis, Shane Coyles, multiple local and state representatives have also reached out. We will be adding more to the line up as well. 
After the DOAR we will be flipping the building and Hosting a second event. In the evening. A formal dinner and debate. With general elections a month after the rally. What better place to have a great debate and fundraiser. Jamie Allman will be the debate moderator. Theses tickets will be on a first come first serve basis for the catered and served 12oz ribeye steak (vegetarian option availabl) full course meal with limited dinner seating. We will open up general admission tickets for the debate a week before. These will be no seat or meal tickets. We want to allow as many to attend and break bread with current and future elected representatives while assisting these two great non profits As possible. A line up of who will be debating will be drawn up after the primary elections.  Talk about a fun day and a great date night.