16. December 2017 - 10:00 till 19:00
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CCRD presents The Merry Mash-Up - Krampus vs. Kringle | St. Clair County Event Center | Saturday, 16. December 2017

All day flat track roller derby mash-up! The Merry Mash-Up hosted by Confluence Crush Roller Derby is from 10am - 7pm on Saturday, December 16th at the St. Clair County Center in Belleville IL. Schedule will be posted closer to the event.

Register now for beginner and intermediate co-ed mash-up bouts, or for a junior bout level 2 and 3. 6 bouts will be played that day (1 junior, 2 beginner, 2 intermediate and 1 mixer of all levels). Jersey colors will be Red and Green. Registration fee is $20 without shirts, $35 with 1 shirt (includes your number printing on the back) and $45 with 2 shirts (includes your number printing on the back).

To register:

1) Fill out the registration form here:

2) Pay for your registration via PayPal to info@confluencecrush.com (send money friends or family), or visit our tickets page to pay with a credit card online here:

3) Tell your friends and family to come watch you kick ***! Spectator tickets can be purchased online on our tickets page ($15 for all day passes [adults and kids 10 and up], $5 for kids under 10, free for kids 2 and under) or at the door the day of the event.
  • Is the junior mixer a mixture of level 2s and 3s?
  • Is this the correct address? The maps takes me to somewhere up by Lake Superior 😮
  • If you'd like to participate as a skating official, you can reply to this post or send me a message with your preferred position. We'd be happy to have you join in on the fun!
  • Do you need refs?
  • registration complete!!!
  • Is there a schedule for which bouts will be when?
  • Is this for the craft show too?
  • I have submitted registration for Twisted Tiger for Juniors and my self. I will send payment on Thursday. I selected small shirts for her but wasn’t sure if they are adult shirts only or if there will be junior shirts also. If so I need to change her size.
  • Sorry, Archs local season starts that night.
  • Sorry, we have our annual Season's Beatings that evening in Marion!
  • Registration submitted. Will pay on 31st when I have the funds.
  • Here are all the details - sign up now! https://goo.gl/forms/arTj7e3hIQHeuNQn2