17. July 2020 - 0:00
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Stacey & Taylor Fraser's Wedding | Bella Coola, British Columbia | Friday, 17. July 2020

Taylor proposed to me on February 14, 2013.
I was busy drying my hair color to pink when he called my name. I wen to the room to see what he wanted.
First thing I notice when I looked in the room, is Taylor's arm over his ****. Asked him what the matter is.
Taylor said, " I felt bad that I didn't get you anything for Valentine's day."
"Or course all the flowers and heart chocolates would be sold on Valentines day." I (Stacey) said.
Taylor asked me to come closer to him. There I am lending over him and he asked me something. For me, I thought it was something to do with making him something to eat or drink?
"Pardon me?"
"Will you marry me?"
*POP* inside my head! What is going on?! Kept saying over, over and over in my head when I heard those words!
"Yes" kissing his **** and tears running down my eyelash (like little bubble of tears on my eyelash)
Just wanted to hold my Taylor Fraser all night and wouldn't let told me to post it on Facebook.
"Where do you think I am going" I (Stacey) said, well logging on my Facebook. Then changing my status to Engaged to Taylor J, Fraser.
"Change your relationship status to engaged" Said Taylor. When he logged into his Facebook. That is when he noticed my status changed and all he had to do is accept the relationship status of us being engaged. He did <3
So this is my part of the story of how it happened. I wonder if Taylor would do his part of the story??? hmmm...

We are planning our Wedding in Bella Coola, BC. The wedding wouldn't be happening for about or less than 3 years. But we are going to have it in the summer. I am thinking of an outside wedding?
  • To be honest, We are not sure of when or what year we will be getting married. The only thing that matters is that we Love each other very much <3
  • Right now. Taylor and I will be getting our lives straight. Start and finish college/university. Get a great job. Save up. Then plan our future wedding...I know it's a long way to wait but we want to make sure it is a fun wedding for us and everyone we love that is going to be there for us.
  • We have sad news for everyone. We have to postpone our Wedding because the companies are not going to be coming after two years. When the two years up and they come back. For sure we will be having the wedding. Also gives me ideas for planning the wedding. Until further notice, I will keep everyone updated.
  • I just hope my bride maids have a dress picked out for the wedding date? I know its hard figuring out what kind to wear for summer...I am still figuring out my dress. Unlike the guys - a suit and thats that. Lucky butts. Good luck girls and remember the color purple for any pick of dress you like ( my cousin wants to be barney for the wedding ) :-)
  • Bride maids meeting on February 8, 2014 ~ 8 PM at our house by the cliff (NWT Bride maids) for the BC bride maids are at my mom's house (your time for meeting is 7 pm, hour behind us :p ) Sheena is making something yummy for BC maids. I will be making something yummy for my NWT maids. Hope to see you girls here tonight.
  • I would to have a meeting with my bride maids: Sheena Hood, Demsy R M Dunn-Solomon, AngiePants Bernarde, Candice Fraser, Karen Horassi and Charlene Tallio. Let me know when we are available to talk about the wedding? I know the 3 bride maids are in BC, we will facetime or facebook chat. Need to pick a day and time of when you all are free :) I can't wait to chat up a storm...get some cookies :p
  • It's not an easy decision to make, to choose amongst your friends and family to be by your side when I attach the leash lol. These are the friends I want beside me when I beg them to stop pouring me shots in Vegas! Alex Purcell Brendyn Lennie Kyle Yakeleya Danny Hood Christopher Horassi Dion Lennie. as for my best man, it was an easy decision to make having to go through life together the way we did but we made it. Vincent Fraser my brother of course
  • i really like how facebook is so involved in people's life today^ , which is a good thing because i wouldn't be talking to u guys now. So........Taylor Fraser u got a best man yet?!
  • AWESOME, I cannot wait <3
  • We have our wedding date picked out, it took a while to figure it out...but finally. If anything happens, will keep everyone updated of our wedding.
  • Awesome !
  • Awesome story. Something to tell you children and grandchildren. :)
  • Awe congrats, thanks for sharing ur proposal story with us all... so sweet <3
  • Congratulations Stacey M Hood!