21. February 2018 - 19:00 till 21:00
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Learn to Scry & Use a Pendulum | Sobeys - Mill Cove | Wednesday, 21. February 2018

For our “Inspired Minds” February gathering, we will learn and practice exciting intuitive skills!

Christina Wagner will introduce us to the art of Scrying (crystal gazing), and the use of Pendulums. Christina is a reader at “Into The Mystic”, and has worked with both mediums for many years. They are easy to learn, and easy to stick with!

Scrying utilizes your personal energy signature to “see” into crystals, fire, water, mirrors or any reflective surface. Chances are, if you can gaze into the sky and see images in clouds, then you can scry. Insight and guidance into mind, body, and spirit can often be revealed simply by learning how to see and interpret the images you perceive within these vessels using the simple technique of scrying.

Learning how to use a Pendulum is also easy. It has been used to find water and precious resources. It can also be used for other purposes, such as divination to find lost objects, answer questions about the future, or to reach loved ones or spirit guides.

Using these devices is fun, relaxing, and can be shared with the entire family!

Please join the “Inspired Minds” spiritual group for an informative, interactive evening, when Christina Wagner will share her experiences and techniques on scrying and how to use a pendulum. You will also learn how to trust your answers.

If you have them, be sure to bring your pendulum and a few crystals for some fun!


NOTE: We meet in the community room of Bedford Sobeys. The sign is hanging overhead at the back of the store near the far right corner. The room and our gathering are both FREE!