02. March 2018 - 21:00
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90s and 00s night for mnd | Manhattan Niteclub | Friday, 02. March 2018

And as I’ve had so many ask for a 90s and 00s night we’re going to do a full night of 90s and 00s dance and cheese. It will be a epic night of all the sing along songs that you all loved

Tickets will be 5 pounds and all going to charity. Follow the link below to buy tickets

  • Home tonight for those who want to buy tickets 🙂 message me for my address
  • https://www.facebook.com/BuzzFeedEntertainment/videos/1605264166185911/
  • Lauren Hunter
  • I have the chance to have the night videoed again who would like to see that again?
  • Comment your best cheesy 90s song you want to hear on he night eg. Barbie girl, five, Backstreet Boys etc haha
  • https://www.facebook.com/Hazey5/posts/10155434912723790 Follow the link for a comp to win FREE TICKETS
  • Tickets are now with me if you want tickets for the 90s and 00s night for mnd. Sadly my good Forbed who was helping me do the vip has broken his shoulder so we’re not going to do the vip this time. Please share this 🙂 and tag all your friends
  • They have arrived please tag all your friends let’s make it a epic night also comment if you need any tickets
  • Hey all right so tickets have been ordered they will be here Friday so message me or comment below if you need tickets and how many you need. These are normal tickets only atm
  • Don’t forget to get your tickets online 🙂
  • How much are the tickete
  • How much are the v.i.p tickets please
  • Dan is it poss for a table for a few people
  • So everyone pleased keep adding people to this event and share 🙂 What songs would you like to hear on the night???? Comment below
  • Please add all your friends to this event 🙂
  • https://www.facebook.com/Hazey5/posts/10155359940768790
  • Hey all sorry to be a pain but I’ve had to move the date of the 90s night to the 2nd of March as with Christmas just been a lot can’t make it so moving it to March so people can get ready to party 🙂 hope to see you all then. Tickets will be online hopefully in next couple of days and I’ll have normal tickets within the week
  • Hello! Are the tickets on sale for this event yet?
  • Hey all please add all your friends and share this event 🙂
  • Let us know when you get the tickets, me and brother are looking forward to it
  • Hey all so sorry to mess everyone about but I’ve been think a lot today about the 90s night and it’s going to be way to close to the other 90s event and it’s not fair for me to do one so close to theirs. So I’m going to do mine in January after new year. You will be able to still buy tickets for it before hand I hope you all understand. So if you really need to get to a 90s night message Denis Horan Jr. or Beth Horan they will put a Fantasic night on 🙂 I will reach my target hopefully for the year but I don’t want to do it this way when someone has spent so much time preparing for there’s.
  • Sorry but I'm in London until New Year's Eve otherwise would have come. 😢
  • Hope to see some of you dress up for the night here’s some ideas for you all But there’s plenty more 🙂 Please add everyone to this event and share it please 🙂