24. August 2018 - 8:00
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Ragnar Trail Cottage Country-ON presented by Salomon | Hardwood Ski and Bike | Friday, 24. August 2018

Ragnar Trail Cottage Country-ON, presented by Salomon is back for its second year! Grab your most adventurous friends (or anyone ready for an unforgettable, nature-fueled weekend) and join us on Aug. 24-25 at Hardwood Ski and Bike!

On Friday, teams of 8 runners (or 4 runners for ultra teams) come together to do what they could never do alone; conquer a series of three trails (known as “loops”), relay-style, over two days and one night. Each runner hits the trail one at a time, while the rest of your team hangs out at Ragnar Village. Your team won’t stop running once the sun sets, in fact, you’ll run into the night, under a billion stars with a headlamp guiding your way, and then into the morning again as the sun rises.

Once every runner on your team completes each loop you’ll celebrate together, share a meal and a laugh, and be rewarded with the coolest (and most functional) finisher’s medal ever! Ragnar Trail is one part wilderness exploration, two parts character-building, three parts ***** summer camp and a whole lot of fun!

The race starts Friday, but teams are welcome to join us for a bonus night of camping on Thursday complete with a big communal campfire, wild stories and s’mores. Mark your running calendar for Aug. 24-25, and get ready to experience an unforgettable, running, camping adventure with friends.