11. August 2018 - 10:00

Kevin Sung's Really Awesome Fun Wedding | Fairmont Banff Springs | Saturday, 11. August 2018

  • Hey everyone! The wedding is only 8 months away but should we grant this guy an extension!?
  • Hi everyone, We've changed the date from 2020 to 2018 because we are growing impatient and believe it is time to put the pressure on Kevin to find a cute partner. Thanks, Kevin's wedding admin team. (Joey-Michael Fallone)
  • What if we held a fake wedding for Kevin to pick up girls at? Like the bride and groom didn't even exist.
  • Inb4 Korean beauty is Frank Kim
  • can we get an update every august 8th from kevin to see the prospects and how close things are?
  • So excited!
  • Gonna start planning this early fam
  • As the only girl invited to this, I am dibs-ing Maid of Honour now. I don't care if future Mrs. Sung disagrees.
  • When are we going to order the bride? Are we all chipping in for the fee?
  • The best is that in five years we're going to get a notification about this.
  • As soon as Kevin gets a girlfriend I'm inviting her to this gonna be HILARIOUS
  • My future Korean beauty will be creeped af when she finds this
  • Kevin 동생 wtf is this ****