23. February 2018 - 5:00
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Banff Retreat (Ski/Snowboarding) | High Country Inn | Friday, 23. February 2018

Spend the weekend in Banff with us. Ski / Snowboard / or just chill in Banff.

Cost: (Still estimates but close)
--High Country Inn for two nights = $70 (based on 4 person occupancy)
--Lake Louise Sky Pass = $166 (2 day lift from Costco)
--Travel = $30 (Car-pooling, driver doesn’t pay gas)
--Food = $70 (Depends what you bring and where you eat out)

What you will owe me is the $70 for your room at High Country. Everything else is up to you to pick up. (There are just too many options to factor in for me to take care of all of it for you.)