25. March 2018 - 12:30 till 17:00
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TREK for Tourette | Normanby Community School | Sunday, 25. March 2018

You’re invited to take part in the 3rd Annual TREK for Tourette! 🙌

Come & enjoy snacks + refreshments, silent auction, door prizes, & awards for top pledges! ~ Most importantly you will be helping to raise awareness & funding 😊
As most of you already know, our son Wyland was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome in 2014. Tourette Syndrome (TS) is a neuropsychiatric or brain-based condition that causes people who have it to make involuntary sounds & movements called tics.
Trek for Tourette is a 5km walk held annually, usually on the last Sunday in March in communities across Canada in support of the Tourette Syndrome cause. It is Canada's only national fundraiser for Tourette Syndrome.
We truly feel that by supporting the Trek for Tourette, you will be helping us shed light on this disorder, so that we may raise awareness to help remove families & friends with TS from the stigma, isolation & frustrations that come with the challenges they **** each day. This event is a fundraiser, with all monies raised going to Tourette Canada. Tourette Canada is an organization that supports families with TS through various programs, advocacy & research. This year also marks their 10th Anniversary!
Last year, we were overwhelmed with how successful this event proved to be. Wyland was so pleased to see neighbors, friends, & family trekking & raising awareness for this worthy cause. Together, we raised a total of $10,300.00 with approximately 140 walkers who participated in the Trek! Our goal this year is to surpass that.
Join us in the TREK for Tourette & please message me if you would like a Pledge Form to help raise funds for the cause 💞

Corey & Angie Tone
  • For those of you interested in seeing the online version of the catalog here it is! Some of these products and prints will be retiring at the end of the months so grab them with you still can and support a great cause while you are at it! Place your order through the Trek for Tourette party on my website mythirtyone.ca/elainebinns https://issuu.com/thirty-one/docs/2017fallwintercatalogueca
  • I am thrilled to announce that Elaine Binns ~ ThirtyOne Consultant is helping generate money towards the cause!🙌💰 The weekly deals (up to 70% off) and "Celebrate You" products (40% off) end on Sunday ~ so be sure to check out her website listed below (shop under the Trek for Tourette Party) 😍👜 Then stay tuned for the new spring catalog coming out February 1st👌https://www.MyThirtyOne.ca/ElaineBinns 🙏 #TREKforTourette2018 #TSawareness #ThirtyOne
  • Pledge Sheets are ready! Message me if you would like one to start your own team ~ 📝 #TREKforTourette2018 #TSawareness
  • Why is the Trek for Tourette held in March? 🤔 During the month of March you can experience a variety of conditions from one day to the next ~ such as warm sunny days, freezing rain, & blustery snow storms. 🌞⛈️❄️💨 Therefore, the unpredictability of the weather reflects the unpredictability of Tourette Syndrome itself. Tics are sudden, involuntary, repetitive, but nonrhythmical movements or vocalizations. They range in number, frequency, persistence, and are associated with other disorders that feed off each other ~ such as Anxiety, OCD & ADHD just to name a few. #TSawareness #TREKforTourette2018 #WestGreyAyton 🚶