09. March 2018 - 20:00
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Mathew Newman & Amanda Apa's Stag & Doe | Alliston Memorial Arena | Friday, 09. March 2018

Join us to support Mathew Newman & Amanda Apa on March 09,2018 at the Alliston Memorial Area with there Casino themed Stag & Doe.

Tickets $10 includes One entry for the Door Prize Raffle, no need to attend !! You can just support and still have a chance to win! How great is that!?!?!

Games! Games! Games!

Get your Toonies, Loonies and Bills ready for a night of FUN with a variety of skill testing games!! Try your luck with some classics or try you skills at somethings different!!

Lots of prizes to be won TBA closer to date of Stag & Doe

WARNING!!! Upon entry you have the option to purchase Goldfish Insurance for the low rate of $2!!! This will save you for at a random time during the night you may be asked to present you insurance and if you don't have it you must eat it!!! YUCK!! I would say it is defiantly worth the $2!!

Tickets can be purchased through Bridal Party

Food and Drink will be served!! Please be safe and if you plan on drinking arrange a for a ride home! We will have posted around the event local Taxi's you can call if you have not arranged for a ride.