14. March 2018 - 17:30 till 21:00
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**** Cliff Presents NewT CrossFit Weightlifting Seminar | NewT CrossFit | Wednesday, 14. March 2018

**** Cliff presents this Olympic Weightlifting High Performance Record Breaking seminar with Olympian and 2 time Olympic Head Coach, Michael Cohen.
Expect to hit new PR's as you go all out in the ****** and clean and **** and get expert tips from the most decorated coach in the sport of Olympic weightlifting. Michael has produced medalists at all levels of competition, from National, International, Pan American and Olympic. He has also produced 43 National champions, 82 Jr. National Champions, 32 Jr. World team members, 9 Senior World Team Members (including gold medalists), 4 Youth World team members (winning silver and bronze this year), 2 Pan American gold medalists, and 4 Olympians.
Spend time with Michael Cohen and learn from an Olympian! If you want to break your lifting records, this is the place to be.
Michael Cohen has been active in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting for over 45 years. His years of experience as both an athlete and a coach give him the extensive knowledge to adapt technique to individual body types – making each athlete more efficient, which crosses over to all levels of athletics!
Enhance your current training experience with tips from the most decorated coach in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting! Michael’s seminars are designed for all levels of athlete, from beginner to advanced - athlete or coach!

Appropriate for all ages and levels of athlete.
·****** specific tips
·****** Session
·Rest and Discussion on ****** with Assistant Exercises
·Clean and **** Session
·Clean and **** Discussion and Assistant Exercises
·Conclusion and Question and Answer