24. October 2019 - 7:00 till 8:30
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BNI High Flyers Visitor Booking | Tompkins on Swan | Thursday, 24. October 2019

BNI High Flyers is a professional networking group for ambitious individuals and businesses who want to build worthwhile and profitable relationships.
The High Flyers Group meet every Thursday at 6:45am at Tompkins on Swan, Alfred Cove, Perth.
Our success has been built on welcoming visitors who get the opportunity to meet 30 plus individual businesses and share their own business’s benefits and goals with the group. Visitors are very welcome. 
Every member and visitor will have the opportunity during the meeting to speak briefly about: WHO they are, WHAT they do, HOW they add value to their clients and WHO they would like to be referred to. They will also benefit by collecting 25 business cards as well as passing out their own business cards (bring at least 30 cards) to the group.
BNI is not just the most successful networking organisation in Perth South – it’s the most successful organisation of its kind in the world! Our group meets every week, so we’re confident we have at least one major new business referral waiting for you right now. So, what are you waiting for?
Registration for the event covers the cost of breakfast and venue hire.