07. November 2019 - 18:00 till 20:30
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我的創業故事 | My Founding Story | CUHK MBA Town Centre | Thursday, 07. November 2019

*Note:  This event will be held in Cantonese
分享「他」、「她」的創業故事經歷。 認識每個創業故事的主角,他們面對社會現實,機遇和挑戰,選擇走上創業道路。他們創立的公司是怎樣影響身邊的朋友,家庭和社會及變成新趨勢。
"我的創業故事"是一系列 匯集了矽谷和香港創業家和投資者的社區活動。活動中,香港創業家可以與海外同行及投資者建立聯繫,尋找並獲得資金支持。除了可相互學習,成功的海外創業家更會為參與的香港初創公司提供指導。
我們將於11月7日 與 Homecourt 的聯合創始人兼首席執行官David Lee進行Fireside Chat。Homecourt是美國NBA有份投資的一家籃球人工智能初創公司。 現在,全球超過一百個國家/地區的球員和球隊都在使用HomeCourt,其中包括NBA球隊波士頓凱爾特人隊,費城76人隊等等.
作為土生土長的香港人,David 會分享在香港的成長經歷, 以及他如何實現自己的創業夢想. 成立第一家公司 - EditGrid, 後來公司得到Apple青睞並作出收購。參加者除了可以學習 David 經驗和如何挑戰創業各難關,更可充分利用這個難得的機會提出許多問題.

In English 
"My Founding Story" is an event series brings together the most inspiring founders, investors, and change-makers in both Silicon Valley and Hong Kong. These community events are where Hong Kong founders can get connected, get support from others, be mentored and learn from each other.
We’re excited to bring you our next "My Founding Story" coming up this fall.
On November 7, we’ll be hosting a fireside chat with David Lee, co-founder and CEO of Homecourt, an AI startup invested by the NBA. HomeCourt is now used by players and teams in 100 countries around the world, including NBA teams Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, and Houston Rockets. 
David is born and raised in Hong Kong. You will learn more about his journey growing up in Hong Kong and how he realized his entrepreneurial dream by building his first company called EditGrid and later on got acquired by Apple. There’ll be a lot of cool stories and lessons to learn from. Come and learn from David. 
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